Teen momA program in England which pairs troubled 14-16 year-old girls with toddlers has reported unbelievable results in stopping teen pregnancy.

Could it be that teenagers rarely think past the adorably tiny Converse sneakers to the earth shattering irrational tantrums that await them in just a few short years?

I am exploring these incredibly obvious results in a post called "Spending Time with Toddlers Stops Teen Pregnancy (DUH!)" on Babble today.

Since this program only exists overseas, I have written a handy test for U.S. teenagers that hopefully accomplishes the same goal in much less time.

Sample question:

In the morning, I would rather watch…
a) Taylor Swift perform on the Today Show.
b) Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle try to put on pants.

I don't do nearly as much work for 'the greater good' as I should, and I believe, in the proper hands, my quiz has the potential to be EXCEPTIONALLY EFFECTIVE.

I am also officially setting up my own teen pregnancy program. Any teenager that wants to ensure she goes to college, can babysit my daughter FOR FREE.

How's that for contributing to society?

Check out my quiz on Babble.


In other news, yesterday I posted the ridiculous ad below on the Mommy Shorts Fanpage with the caption:

"AD FAIL: If this couple needs a pregnancy test to determine if they are pregnant, I fear for their future children."


Many people commented that it was obviously for a gender predictor test as opposed to a pregnancy test— which I agree, makes a lot more sense.

However, all my research shows that it is indeed an ad for a straight-up pregnancy test.

I have to come to believe that instead of an idiotic ad team making a huge mistake, it is actually a misguided attempt at humor.

The ad is from the Netherlands.

Maybe humor is different over there?