I am an expert in shared bedrooms. I’ve got two. One in our city apartment where we use a bunkbed (full bed on bottom, twin on top) to separate the kids, along with side-by-side desk spaces on the opposite of the room. You can read about that whole set-up and see more pics here.

The other room is in our summer house where I had the brilliant idea of putting both beds in an L-shape with their heads meeting in the corner, which looks awesome when the beds are made.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize, this set-up makes them crawl all over each other at night until one or both of them ends up in tears. Or if one of them is trying to fall asleep and the other still wants to play, they’ll do things like casually lay their arm on the other person’s head for annoyance’s sake. That doesn’t end well either. And by not ending well, I mean, someone ends up screaming, “MOM!!!!!!!”

Lesson learned.

There are lots of different ways creative parents have figured out how to keep their kids in one shared room, and no better place than Pinterest to ogle the possibilities.

If you are looking for creative ways to configure a shared bedroom, here are 36 ways you can do it:

By keeping it matchy matchy

Source: Lay Baby Lay

By making subtle changes

Source: lovesarahschneider

By Switching up the Color

Source: Pequeocio

By stacking the kids vertically

Source: The Rugged Rooster

By stacking the kids perpendicularly

Source: Petit and Small

By creating privacy with a Curtain

Source: Woo Home

By drawing a line in the Carpet

Source: KidsOMania

By assigning superhero alter egos

Source: Classy Clutter

By building multi-level platforms

Source: Blog Lovin

By giving Nautical Bed Assignments

Source: Brit&Co

By installing a Pocket Door

Source: The Telegraph

By hanging canopies for privacy

Source: Nous Decor

By pulling out a trundle bed

Source: PopSugar

By putting two Mattresses on one platform

Source: Decordemon

By building an L-shaped loft bed

Source: Custom Made

By putting the beds back-to-back

Source: Coastal Living

By building a bed with a wall down the middle

Source: Stavenger Aftenblad

By separating with a staircase

Source: Home Bunch

By giving each bed a Name

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

By designating a Sports Team preference

Source: Picky Stitch

By creating separate workspaces

Source: Mommo Design

By switching up the Pattern

Source: Woo Home

By switching up the Theme

Source: Architecture and Design

By creating two separate nooks

Source: Style Me Pretty

By creating one Really Long Bed

Source: Style Carrot

By using side-by-side bunkbeds

Source: HGTV

By using Catty Cornered Bunkbeds

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

By using lots of Rope

Source: Design Dazzle

By Pods

Source: Brit&Co

By Height

Source: KidsOMania

By a shelf and mismatched wallpaper

Source: Coco Cozy

By a corner table

Source: Cool Home

By floors of a house

Source: This Modern Life

By a slide

Source: Organize and Decorate

Whether any of the children living in these spaces ever settle down to actually go to bed, I have no idea. I take on no responsibility if you try one out and it doesn’t work for you!

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