Even if you aren’t a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation, you won’t be able to help but fall in love with this Bachelorette parody from What’s Up Moms, in which Brooke seeks a mom’s real true love: the perfect babysitter.

“The Babysitter” has all the major components of a classic Bachelor/Bachelorette episode, including petty jealousy, tearful confessions, and dramatic individual interviews. Given all the plot twists and pitfalls (What do you mean, you don’t do weekends?!?), choosing between all these sitters isn’t easy. “Follow your heart,” urges one friend, while another, more practical friend advises her to “pick whoever’s the cheapest.”

“I’m just so scared I’m going to go through this whole process and end up alone…with my kids,” Brooke weeps in exactly the overly dramatic fashion we’ve come to expect. After all the group dates and the backstabbing, who will get the Final Sippy Cup and win the keys to Brooke’s minivan?

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