If you’re ever looking for advice, kids are a great source—they love to help and they’re always 100% honest. Plus, they were probably going to give you their opinion anyway, so you might as well ask for it.

Maybe that’s why Idris Elba chose to seek romantic dating advice from a bunch of kids. He’s teaming up with Omaze for a charitable fundraiser; each $10 donation earns one entry into a drawing for a Valentine’s Day dream date with Elba himself (sign me up!), and proceeds benefit W.E. Can Lead, a nonprofit that helps female students in Africa become leaders in their chosen fields (that sounds like a great thing too!).

But even if you don’t score the dinner date grand prize, you can still score yourself some great dating advice by watching the video. Like, on a dinner date, should you eat beans or no? I know my answer, and if Mike isn’t sure, I can only hope he asks Mazzy and Harlow for their opinion before V-Day.

That is, if I’m not spending it with Idris Elba.

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