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This video gives me flashbacks to that time I was asked to go on a national news program to lead a cooking demonstration with my kids. I was like— ummm…. cooking and child care at the same time on live television? That sounds like my WORST NIGHTMARE.

I said, “no” which is probably the only reason I am not currently appearing in one of those news blooper reels, regretting the day I ever posted about parenting online.

There is no way in hell my kids would keep it together for live television like all those composed little tots who always find their way onto Ellen’s couch. HOW ARE THEY ALWAYS SO WELL-BEHAVED??? What sedatives are they giving them backstage?

I love the video below because it finally depicts a live segment with a child that did not go as planned. Little four year-old Harry and his mom were being interviewed about a very serious topic (he needs a liver transplant) but as soon as the interview begins, Harry bursts out laughing.

To Harry’s mom’s credit, she still manages to form coherent thoughts while being clearly distracted. And then… just when I thought Harry’s outburst was over, he starts doing laps around the set.

Honestly, I think Mom could have continued the interview but the news anchors couldn’t handle it.


Four-year-old Harry steals the show on BBC BreakfastFour-year-old Harry got rather excited when he and his mum appeared live on BBC Breakfast to discuss organ donation.

He had a liver transplant two days before his first birthday, but now needs a new liver.

Harry couldn’t stop laughing when his mum Clare was speaking, and then he started running around the set until presenters Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin decided to cut short the interview.

Posted by Newsbeat on Tuesday, December 1, 2015