I haven't done "baby profiling" in a while. Mainly because there is just too much stuff I want to post about my own damn kid. But when I received this profile from The Hillbilly Hippie Momma, I couldn't resist. Check out Rocco— a juice-a-holic with a motorboating habit…

Photo 1(2) Name: Rocco T. 

Nickname: Critter

Build: He came out a toddler

Signature Style: AC/DC onesies, death metal eclectic, just like Momma (Momma says he looks like an idiot but she takes full responsibility)

Favorite Grub: Hits the juice hard, the boob juice that is

Can't Live Without: BOOOOOOOOB

Favorite Book: 'Stick Dog'

Pet Peeve: He's 5 months old— just about anything can piss him off

Best Trick: Motorboating like a mofo (Editor's Note: Mazzy can motorboat too!)

Future Career: Something awesome. Because he. is. awesome.