As if it weren’t already challenging for parents to get out of the house on time in the morning, winter is here, making it virtually impossible.

In case you live in the tropics and don’t understand, #1) I hate you and please trade locations with me, and #2) forcibly stuffing unwilling children into coats, snow pants, hats, scarves, and glove (singular, because odds are they lost one) every day is enough to make any parent want to crawl into a cave and hibernate until spring.

The Holderness family knows the drill. They summed up the winter parenting struggle in this hilarious Eminem parody of “Lose Yourself.” It’s called “Shoes Yourself” and hahahahaha that’s hilarious because having a kid who voluntarily puts on their own shoes is the parenting version of winning the lottery.

Fair warning: although the video is perfectly safe for work, you might not want to watch it in front of your kids, because then they would see the results of Mom and Dad’s Google search for “why kids don’t get cold.” Apparently, they are somewhat justified in having no use for a jacket.

I also love how the video ends with submitted videos from other parents all across the country, showing their struggle to get out the door in sub zero weather is pretty much the same. 

Now, about that tropical location…

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