On New Year’s Eve, I put on a dress and asked Mike if he liked it. “I don’t know,” he said. “You look like you’re going to temple or something. Can’t you wear something sexy?”

“Uhhhh…like show cleavage, you mean? NO.”

Honestly, I have never been someone who is comfortable showing off my body. Even when I’m in what I consider a good weight zone, showing skin is just not my style. I don’t even like to go sleeveless. Unless I’m trekking in a desert or something. And even then, I’ve probably got a cardigan on hand, just in case I see my reflection in an oasis and have second thoughts about showing my upper arms.

My friend Morgan from Buzzfeed (remember her from Monday Mornings?) just starred in a video called “Moms Get Kylie Jenner Makeovers.” That means not just playing with the Kylie Lip Kit, but wearing the ridiculously skin-tight body flaunting clothes too. Afterwards, the moms did a little runway show for their office and WOW. I am impressed. I would not have the confidence to walk around my office with my bra showing and I work in a shoebox with two other women.

You know, as much as everyone hates on the Kardashians, I really do wish there were women like Kylie and Kim and Khloe when I was growing up that showed off a different model of physical beauty than the tall thin curve-less beings I saw in magazines. These girls rock their curves when I’ve spent my whole life thinking I had to hide mine. I mean, obviously the Kardashian body is also unattainable but at least it shows a little variety.

Anyway. Morgan and her friend had fun, until they got a hard reality check when they realized there was no way they could pick up their children from school dressed like that.

But in the end, there were valuable lessons to be learned. As Morgan said, “I learned that I fucking love myself. I’m low maintenance and my sweats fit.” AMEN.

Would you have the courage to get a Kylie Jenner makeover?

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