With a fervor they once reserved for watching people unbox toys on YouTube, kids have really latched onto this bottle flipping craze. If you haven’t heard about it, consider yourself lucky—unless you enjoy hearing the repetitive “thud” of water bottles falling every which way but on their bottom, while your children endlessly try and fail to land their flips.

This 2-year-old named Sam, daughter of country singer and Hallmark channel host Matt Rogers, doesn’t need much practice though. After a quick lesson from her older brothers, Sam nails the bottle flip on her second try. Her reaction is an adorably enthusiastic celebration, complete with a dab (prompted by Dad) to top things off.

Maybe after Sam explains the secret to her flipping success, she can explain the concept of the dab to me, because Mazzy does it all the time and I JUST DO NOT GET IT.

Unbridled joy in a smile between those squeezably chubby cheeks, though? THAT I get.


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