I have a friend who has a special talent for matching people with the animal to which they look the most similar. After meeting somebody, she will announce afterwards- “She’s a peacock.” “He’s a penguin.” “She’s a cross between an alligator and a meerkat.” And no matter what she says, you think about it for a moment, and realize she is exactly right. He IS the product of a three-way between a badger, a mongoose and a baby seal.  Of course, I couldn’t resist asking her the all important question, “What animal am I?” She wouldn’t tell me. “Come on,” I insisted. “I won’t care.” “Ok,” she said reluctantly, “You’re an owl.” Huh. “It’s because I have dark circles under my eyes, right?” “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’m a rat.” And she’s right- she TOTALLY is.

Ever since, I have made it my business to embrace the owl. I have a little owl statue, an owl pillow and an owl lamp project in progress that will be completed sometime after Mazzy goes to college. But lately, I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who is embracing their inner owl— owls are popping up everywhere in nursery decor. I think they are a welcome break from the traditional warm and cuddly animals you tend to find in babies rooms like bunnies, sheep and monkeys. Owls are quirkier, wiser and much much cooler. Even if your baby more closely resembles something else, like say… the spawn of a duck-billed platypus and a rooster.


  dwell owl plush toy owl pillow from target  owl onesie  MetallicOwlPouf   ZID-AC_lrg fauna owl pillow    Orvis owl pillow    owl onesie  dwell owl pillow


Owls in top visual clockwise from left: pillow from Ennaburp cloth from The Gypsy Wagonrug from Urban Outfitterssewing pattern from Etsyposter from allposters.com