My book came out yesterday and as you might have noticed, I’ve been talking about it non-stop. In case you are a little sick of me telling you to buy it (seriously, you’ll love it!), I asked Mazzy and Harlow to sell it you instead.

I mean, if you can’t trust Mazzy and Harlow’s review of the book (“It’s awesome because we’re in it!” and “It’s delicious!” and “Someone get me a banana!”), who can you trust?

Here is Mazzy and Harlow’s book review for “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting” written by none other than— THEIR MOTHER.

If Mazzy and Harlow sold you, you can now purchase “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting” wherever books are sold! If you like the book, please leave a review on Amazon.

If you take a photo of the book, use the hashtag #mommyshortsbook on Instagram. There is going to be a BIG contest involving using that hashtag soon. I’m especially loving all the photos of kids who are in the book holding the book open to the page their photo is featured.

If you live in NYC, please come to my reading tonight at 7pm at the Strand! You can reserve your signed copy here.