Mazzy graduated from her “Messy Play” class yesterday which meant she got to take home all of her paintings (when you use a plethora of paint, they take several weeks to dry).

I took the liberty of placing Mazzy’s paintings amongst the masterpieces of some well-known modern artists— like Jackson Pollack, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Claude Monet. I would like you to GUESS WHICH WORKS OF ART ARE THOSE OF MY 19 MONTH-OLD DAUGHTER and therefore not worth several million dollars (yet).

A. Galaxy
B. Agapanthus
C. My Mother Is Beautiful
D. Black Lines No. 189
E. Abby Cadabby Roadkill
F. Number 8
G. Helles Bild
H. I Said I Don’t Want Broccoli
I. The Yellow House

I know, it’s very difficult.

I hear that the next class will be “Less Messy Play” where I’m sure she will bring home paintings that look like this:


And if she’s really talented, like this:


The Rothko above entitled “Disproportionate and Wrongfully Colored Oreo Cookie” sold for $73 million in 2007.

Which just goes to show you that there are two kinds of painters in this world. Those who get rich and those who get to jump to their heart’s content on a mini-trampoline.

Welcome to Messy Play Graduation:


Come on, art critics/acrobats of the world, is my baby talented or what???


Maybe I should do a “Toddler Gallery” post? Email me your kids’ best work of art to