It seems to be common knowledge that once you say hello to motherhood, you say goodbye to fashion forever. You’re practically required to trade in your stylish, strappy pumps and dry clean only wardrobe for the official mom uniform of tank tops and yoga pants.

But is that really true?

Nope! After careful thought and consideration, I came to the conclusion that we all wear the same things we always did, just for entirely different reasons.

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Why You Wore It Then: To avoid getting foot diseases in the dorm shower.

Why You Wear It Now: Because they’re the easiest things to slip on when you have to run an errand, take your kids to school, meet up with friends in the park, go out to dinner with your spouse or pretty much anything that requires you to put on footwear.


Why You Wore It Then:  They made you feel flirty and feminine.

Why You Wear It Now: It’s laundry day and you’ve run out of all the comfy stuff.


Why You Wore It Then: To avoid getting wrinkles from sun exposure.

Why You Wear It Now: To avoid getting weird looks because you didn’t shower.

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Why You Wore It Then: To add a splash of color to your outfit.

Why You Wear It Now: To hide the blotch of discolor from the baby’s spit up.


Why You Wore It Then:  You liked to express your sense of humor with your clothing.

Why You Wear It Now: You haven’t bought yourself any new t-shirts in 15 years.


Why You Wore It Then: It was Halloween, and you were dressed as an old lady.

Why You Wear It Now: There’s a little chill in the air and it hides your hips nicely and oh yeah, you are now an actual old lady.

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Oversized Bag

Why You Wore It Then: #ontrend

Why You Wear It Now: #omfgTheseKidsHaveSoMuchCrap


Why You Wore It Then: You didn’t wear one on your date, so when it got chilly your boyfriend let you wear his.

Why You Wear It Now: Your kid is wearing shorts in November, and it’s making you cold just looking at him.


Why You Wore It Then: You were headed to the gym.

Why You Wear It Now: You’re headed out and you have no time to shower.

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Why You Wore It Then: They elongate your legs.

Why You Wear It Now: You didn’t shave your legs.


Why You Wore It Then: You believed a bold piece of jewelry was the key to a great outfit

Why You Wear It Now: The statement is, “My kid made this and she gets very angry if I attempt to take it off.”


Why You Wore It Then: Gray was the trendy new neutral.

Why You Wear It Now: All your black sweaters have been washed in hot water 4,283 times.

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Why You Wore It Then: You’re going out for the night.

Why You Wear It Now: It’s so much less time and energy to put together an outfit when the top and bottom are already attached.


This post was written by Robyn Welling. To read more from Robyn, visit Hollow Tree Ventures.

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