If there’s one thing parents like, it’s a good animated movie they can enjoy with their kids. If there’s one thing kids like, it’s watching these movies over and over and OVER again until their parents find themselves speaking to their colleagues primarily in Finding Nemo quotes.

Pixar movies appeal to people of all ages, but after the 500th viewing of Toy Story, no one would blame you for fantasizing about Andy’s mom sneaking Woody and the gang out of the house in a Goodwill bag. Luckily for us, in addition to the little inside jokes and cultural references Pixar sneaks in just for the adults watching, they also hide “easter eggs” in many scenes that show how the movies are all connected.

Did you know Riley from Inside Out has a cameo in Finding Dory? Or that Dug, the dog from Up, shows up to scare Remy in Ratatouille? Or that the Pizza Planet truck can be seen at least once in almost every Pixar film? I KNOW. I thought I knew them all backwards and forwards too, but apparently not.

Check out some of the easter eggs in this video, and then comment below with any others you’ve read about or noticed before! Who knows, maybe hunting for easter eggs might just be the thing that makes it exciting to watch Cars…for the 5000th time.

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