Mommy Shorts YouTube Kids

Since it’s Awards Season this month, YouTube Kids invited Mazzy, Harlow and I to give out awards to our favorite kid-friendly videos. We had so much fun coming up with our picks; we even included a few reader suggestions. After Mazzy and Harlow’s official approval, of course. (Thanks to whoever introduced us to the Slow Mo Guys! My girls were RIVETED!)

We put all our picks in a playlist (which felt kind of reminiscent to making a mix tape in high school) and you can find the playlist both on the Mommy Shorts YouTube Channel and as a featured playlist on the YouTube Kids app! Which is awesome because it boils down to 27 videos in a row which you know are Mommy Shorts approved— some educational, some entertaining, all age appropriate.

It’s also going to blow Mazzy and Harlow’s mind when they open the app and see our intro video come up on the homepage:

If you don’t already have YouTube Kids, you can download it for free— click here for iOS and here for Android. It has been such an awesome solution to all the search problems little kids can get into on the regular YouTube app. Everything on YouTube Kids is kid appropriate but with no links to outside content or downloads. There is also a lot more options to sort by content and age group and you can even set a timer so the app goes off after a set amount of screen time.

Okay, ready for the awards? Me too. You can click on the individual links or watch the playlist in full from my channel or on YouTube Kids. There is not an egg opening video among them. Hope you enjoy!

The Mommy Shorts YouTube Kids Awards

Best Cindy Lauper Impersonation: Sophia Grace “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Most Talented Sister Duo: Lennon & Maisy “Call Your Girlfriend”

Best Use of Fruit: Fruit Flower Pops from Charli’s Crafty Kitchen

Worst Craft Tutorial: Mazzy and Harlow

Most Likely to Incite a Kitchen Dance Party: Kidz Bop “Shake it Off”

Most Heartfelt Message: Kid President’s 20 Things We Need to Say More Often

Coolest Science Experiment: Crazy Pool Vortex by Physics Girl

Best Special Effects: Action Movie Kid

Best Make-Up: Inside Out Disgust Make-up from Charisma Star

Most Excited about Pink: Mazzy Bakes Cookie Lollipops

Mazzy’s Choice: Alice and Wonderland from Ms Booksy of Cool School

Best Performance from a Shell: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Best Mom Parody: Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk from My Life Suckers

Best Dad Daughter Duo: Home from Reality Changers

Best Performance of a Christmas Song by a Jew: Harlow Sings Jingle Bells

The “I Want that to Happen in Our House” Award: Crazy Ball Prank!

Best Interview: Interview with a Toddler from the New Father Chronicles

Best Reason to Get Out of Bed: Celebrate Today from Notebook Babies

Harlow’s Choice: Does Elsa Eat Too Much?

The “I Want to Be Friends with Them” Award: Strange and Unexpected

Best Performance from a Duck: The Duck Song

The Tiniest Athlete Award: Trick Shot Titus

Best Dance Moves: Watch Me Whip Nae Nae from Tianne King

Best Use of Jello: Jelly Tennis from the Slo-mo Guys

Cutest Toddler on Wheels: Two-Year-Old on a Scooter

Best Theme Song: Sings “What I Am” on Sesame Street

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If you have any other videos or channels you would recommend for the next Mommy Shorts approved playlist, please let me know in the comments below!