Last night I promised a compilation of Harlow snapchat videos and some of you were like—YAY! CAN’T WAIT! and other people were like— UGH. Snapchat? Do we have to continue hearing about this every day like she did with her Instagram account???

You’re welcome and I’m sorry. Respectively.

Anyway, when I talked about why I like Snapchat, I said that it allows me to captures my kids’ personalities way better than I have in the past. Particularly with Harlow who is so delightfully weird and entertaining.

I think by watching this video, you can see why I wouldn’t post any of these things on Instagram individually. If it wasn’t for Snapchat, I probably wouldn’t even be filming. But put it altogether and you really get a true picture of Harlow.

Keep in mind that Snapchat videos are vertical so when I edited this together, it cropped off the top and bottom which is why you might see some graphics chopped off.

Hope you enjoy!

See? Don’t you have a better appreciation for Harlow now?

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