GIVEAWAY: $200 SITTERCITY CHIME CREDITS + $50 Restaurant Gift card

A few weeks ago, Mike’s friend from China was in town and for the occasion, Mike planned a big dinner for a bunch of their college friends in NYC. There was even a few people from DC who drove up for the big event.

We hired a sitter but a week before the dinner, she had to cancel. We have a couple other sitters we use pretty regularly but they both happened to be busy on this particular night too. Instead of panicking (well, maybe there was a little panicking), I decided it was a good night to test out Sittercity’s new online service Chime, which specializes in last minute sitters.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.27.52 AM

Once you become a member, all you do is pick a date. Then Chime matches you with three available sitters and you can choose whoever feels right for your family. Not only are they available, they have all been properly vetted to be part of this service. Sittercity meets every Chime sitter in person and gives them all enhanced background checks.

I ended up selecting a sitter named Katie and was able to wow my husband with a serious save.

On the night in question, Mike’s friend and his wife showed up at our apartment before the dinner with their 5yo daughter Astrid. Apparently, Mike had told them that they could leave Astrid at our place with our sitter while we were out.

Ummm…. did anybody think to tell me this plan? Shouldn’t I have informed the sitter?

Katie arrived (on time) and seemed perfectly fine with the arrangement although I wouldn’t recommend anybody else pull these kinds of stunts on a new sitter. We told her we’d give her a good tip.

I wasn’t sure where everybody was going to sleep and how bedtime routine was going to play out with three kids, but Katie told us not to worry and that she would handle it.

We crossed our fingers and said, “Alrighty then… HAVE FUN!”

I should also mention that we had Katie come on the earlier side so she could get to know the girls a little while we were there. By the time we left, they were all in full on princess costumes having a big tea party and probably wouldn’t have even noticed if we left without kissing them goodbye (see photo up top).

Then we went to the restaurant where Mike had arranged for a private room for our party.


I mingled, had a few drinks, ordered my meal from a set menu and then…


Yes, that’s Dr. B for you longtime readers and this is her second. No, she was not at the dinner.

In the middle of appetizers, I got a text from my sister that they were heading to the hospital. It was two days past her due date so not a huge surprise. I figured I had a little time before I had to leave but my mom called before entrees arrived and said it was go time.

I ended up leaving the dinner, heading uptown, and getting to the hospital just a few minutes after the baby arrived. In fact, my sister texted me the baby’s name on my cab ride over so when I arrived and found all immediate family in the waiting room, I said the name and it turned out none of them knew it yet. OOPS!

Anyway, I got to go in, hold my new niece (HELLO, NEVE AUDEN!), congratulate my brother-in-law and hang out until my sister kicked us all out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.12.26 AM

At that point, it was 11pm. I texted Mike to see if everyone was still at the restaurant. Indeed they were. I took a cab and got back there in time for dessert. WHEW!

I told you it was a big night.


Mike and I look exhausted and deranged here but it’s the best I’ve got from the night.

When we got back home, Katie was doing homework on her computer in the living room and all the kids were sleeping. Astrid was sleeping with Mazzy in the top bunk and Harlow had the full bottom bunk all to herself, which made perfect sense.

Everyone seemed to be alive and well. Including Katie.

Another great benefit of Chime is that payment happens online too. No awkward money exchanges when you may or may not have had a few too many on your big night out. AHEM.

For further proof of success, we have used Katie at least twice to babysit since. But I’m sure if she wasn’t available, we’d have a pretty easy time finding someone else.

No “WE DON’T HAVE A SITTER!!!!” panic necessary.


If you’d like to try Chime, use code MOMMYSHORTS to get $50 off your booking. Offer valid for first time users only.

Chime is currently available in Boston, Chicago, New York City and Washington, DC with other major metro areas to launch in the coming months.


Today, I am giving away $200 in Chime credits plus a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice. Just leave a comment below telling me what you and your partner would love to do on a date night out.

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Good luck!

winner update:

Congrats to Maggie Morris, I hope you get that leisurely date night! Please contact to claim your prize.


This post was sponsored by Sittercity, but all thoughts, opinions and good babysitting experiences are my own.