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Last Thursday, I was invited to speak at Social Media on the Sands at Beaches in Turks & Caicos. If you don’t know Beaches, that’s the all-inclusive resort that combines poolside cocktails with Sesame Street characters to create perhaps the most ridiculous beach vacation ever.

There’s a water park, numerous pools, themed restaurants, a nightclub and Elmo making surprise visits to the beach.


If you like your vacations muppet-free, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you’d like to give your kids the time of their life, that’s pretty much guaranteed.

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In fact, I’m a little nervous that the next time we go away, the kids are going to be immensely disappointed. Where’s the wave pool, mom? Why isn’t The Count leading a Conga line at the breakfast buffet? Why aren’t we putting on costumes to trick or treat from room to room? YOU MEAN THIS IS JUST A PLAIN OLD BEACH???

I’m in trouble.


After the trip was over, I looked through my phone for pictures to post and realized I took way more video than photos. I think this is partly due to my new obsession with Snapchat and partly due to the fact that the kids seem to prefer me taking video to pictures lately.

So. I put together a five minute video compilation of our trip. Five minutes is long for the internet, I know. So you are not required to watch it. But if you do watch it and like it, please let me know, because maybe I’ll post more of these in the future.

My favorite moment is either Mazzy bragging about her ride down a waterslide or Harlow getting down to Donna Summer at the beach bar.

Or maybe it’s Harlow’s sugar rage episode after a sip of strawberry daquiri.

Or when she speaks extra loud with her headphones on.

Or when she randomly started singing the chorus from Cheerleader

It’s hard to choose. Hope you enjoy!

Noticeably missing from the video is Mike and me. I’ll try to include more of us in the next one. If there is a next one. We’ll see.

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The speech went well, by the way! I’m getting less and less nervous about these things, which is why I keep agreeing to do them. I’m conquering my fear of public speaking one public speaking gig at a time.

Also missing from my video are the less than ideal moments. I’m sorry to say that beach resorts do not prevent occasional meltdowns and they are much more annoying when taking place on a tropical island. Just keepin’ it real.

I’ll miss you Turks and Caicos!

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As for Elmo? I think I’ve had my fill.


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