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Last weekend, Mike took Mazzy to upstate New York for a father daughter weekend while I stayed home with Harlow. Did Mazzy make it home alive? Yes. Did she say she had fun? Absolutely. Was she dressed in clean clothes with her hair brushed? Not really.

I asked Mike a few questions about what went down.

What was this trip you took and why?

It was a reunion with a bunch of college buddies (six of which are also named Mike) and their families. One Mike lives in China, but grew up in Perry, NY so he goes back every summer and invites us all out. We rent two cabins on a lake and share them among six families. It’s kind of like summer camp. We went three years ago before Harlow was born and it was a blast, although Mazzy was a bit young for the trip at the time. There are a lot of water activities.

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A blast?! Do you not remember that I got food poisoning and had the shits in the only bathroom in a cabin shared by twenty people???

Oh yes, that sounds familiar.

I was also pregnant and furiously googling what damage might have been done to my baby.

Harlow turned out just fine.

Speaking of harlow, Did you ever feel guilty about leaving your wife and younger daughter behind? 

Not really. I thought this would be a good adventure for Mazzy and Harlow is really too young to enjoy the trip. Plus, you wanted time to write your book. You should really get on that, you know. 

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Were you worried about traveling with Mazzy on your own? 

That’s why I opted to fly instead of drive. I don’t think I could handle a long road trip with Mazzy on my own. She was really excited to get on a plane. She’s really pretty easy to travel with as long as you have plenty of snacks and an iPad.

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What did you do with her hair? 

I outsourced it to the other moms on the trip. I even outsourced bath time.

YOU outsourced bath time? How did you manage that??

All the families were staying in two different cabins. I’d leave her at the other cabin to play with the kids before dinner and I’d come back to pick her up and she was fully bathed with her hair done. It was like magic!

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Tell me all about the fun activities you participated in without me.

We went to the Animal Adventure farm and had a safari tour.

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Mazzy went down a waterslide from a pontoon boat. 


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2015-08-06 18.15.18

She rode in a tube pulled from the back of a motor boat.


She made lots of new friends.

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We went to a rodeo. 

2015-08-07 13.54.33

She toured a working dairy farm. There was a calf born just 15 minutes before we arrived.

2015-08-08 10.29.12

The dairy farm looks so sad!

The cows were being milked, not slaughtered. They were fine.

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How late did you let her go to bed? 

Pretty late. Although I let her do sleepovers two out of the three nights so who knows. I’m guessing she never went to bed before 10pm.

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So let me get this straight. You outsourced bathing, hair brushing and bedtime?


And then what time did you go to get her in the morning?

Not sure. Whenever I woke up, I guess.

SOUNDS like a real vacation! Did you pay these people?

They were happy to have her.

Did you guys have fun? 

Yes! We had a great time! It’s so much easier taking care of one kid. Plus, it was really nice to spend quality time with people I have known over half my life, but now with all our families involved. We got along just as well as we did in college. Not everyone gets to do that. We are a lucky group.

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Did you miss me and Harlow AT ALL??? 

I would say a little bit, but FaceTime cures that quickly.

Was it good to be home? 

It’s always good to be home. They say it’s where the heart is.

2015-08-08 19.45.29

One last question. What the hell is in her hair?

You got me.


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