Last week, I talked about my favorite morning hacks, which include using my kids to wake up my husband and using Cheerios to get Harlow to drink milk. I asked everyone to share their morning hacks for the chance to win a $500 Amex gift card and a case of your favorite General Mills cereal.

But really, so I could steal all your ideas.

Here are my 32 favorite morning hacks for moms and dads:



2) I make everything a race. “Betcha can’t brush your teeth and hair before I finish my cup of coffee! You think you can? Nah. I don’t!” Then it’s a challenge. I’ll even let her win while I enjoy my coffee in peace. – Abby

3) Forget pajamas and put them to bed the night before in their clothes for the next day. – Christy

4) I stick the oldest one in the youngest one’s crib so they think they’re getting some quality time without realizing I’ve just locked them up and gone back to bed.” – Samantha K



6) I threaten to throw out her Frozen flip flops if she doesn’t cooperate. Works every time. – Stephanie H

7) If I lay out clothes the night before, the 4 year-old tries to dress the 2 year-old. That eats up enough time for me to take a shower. – Amanda P

8) Pin your husband and your child against one another. Your husband will think he’s helping you by racing the kid to get ready— little does he know you just want him to hurry his ass up too.



9) I keep it simple by going into work well before my husband so it’s his job to get our son ready in the morning. – Sadie R

10) I let my daughter do her dolly’s hair while I do her hair. She’s allowed to use all the same combs, brushes, accessories and hair products I’m using. – Amy P

11) I blast Sesame Street on the living room TV to help lure them awake. – Julie H



13) I yell “the dump truck!” to get our little ones to get out of bed. Waving hi and bye to dump trucks are a highlight to their week. – Jung P

14) I dress my daughter while she’s still sleeping. – Ashley H

15) I use the baby to wake up his older brother. Waking up to baby drool and giggles is sure to start their day off in a happy mood. – Diana A

16) I brush my toddlers teeth after securing him in the car seat. No chasing involved. – Jennifer N



18) Make everything a competition…. Who can get buckled first? Who can eat the most eggs? Who can pick up the most toys? I realize I’m likely creating an unhealthy competitive drive in my children. I’ll deal with that later.” – Jacquelyn B

19) Each kid gets a small dry erase board with their routine on it. That way they know what their responsibilities are each morning. – Jillian L

20) We lay out clothes, shoes, socks, and accessories for the week on Sunday night so there’s no mad dash to find things in the morning and no drama about what to wear. – Stephanie T



22) After I do my daughter’s laundry, I put complete outfits in big ziploc bags (including underwear, socks, hair accessories). She picks a bag when she gets up and gets excited to see what’s in the bag – Stacy June

23) I have a 12yo and a 15yo. The only morning hack I have left at this stage is to turn on the lights, and start confiscating blankets and pillows. – Christina Grimm



25) Every morning when the baby cries to wake us up, I “have to go to the bathroom”. This way Daddy will go get him and change his diaper before bringing him to our room. – Mary E

26) I feed the baby naked. – Lesley

27) My three-year-old is in a phase where he says he wants the opposite of whatever I’m proposing. “Want to go to the park?” “No, I want to stay home!”. So now I use reverse psychology in the morning and say things like, “Maybe we should just stay home today. I didn’t really like the books I got at the library last time.” He’s out of bed and ready to go to library immediately. – Laura



29) My favorite morning hack is randomly listing off the tasks I need done within earshot of my husband, but like I’m talking to myself. That way he knows what needs to be done and feels good about himself for helping out and I don’t have to feel like I’m telling him what to do all the time. – Liz

30) We do FaceTime with family and friends during breakfast. My two year-old loves catching up with everyone and I shovel food in his mouth. – Tami M

31) My 9 year-old has been making her own breakfast since she was 5 and her own school lunches since she was 7…


And the randomly selected winner of the $500 Amex gift card and case of cereal from General Mills is…

32) I drink my coffee in the shower. -aristuertz

How do avoid getting soap and water inside the cup? Have you ever dropped and broke it in the tub? So many questions. Please answer them when you contact to claim your prize!

A huge thanks to General Mills for sponsoring this post, making wholesome cereals my kids love and sending me my very own Cheerios box. HOW COOL IS THIS?!


General Mills knows how much parents depend on cereal in the morning, so they are constantly working to make their cereals better. For the past few years, they have been working to make whole grain the first ingredient and reduce sugar across all their cereals. Now, they are working to remove all the artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources. More than half of General Mills cereals (like our favorites,Cheerios, Chex and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) are already free from artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources, but now they’re working on cereals like Lucky Charms and Trix too. Good news for that rabbit!

Now here’s a question— if you had won the contest, which case of General Mills cereal would you have selected?

Personally, I think Golden Grahams are way underrated.


This post was sponsored by General Mills, but all morning hacks are your own!