My weekly round-up scours the internet for the best stories relevant to the preschooler set. Or at least the parents of the preschooler set. This week’s news involves a Taylor Swift Dance-off, kids getting terrified by Snapchat filters, and a boy who gets his tooth pulled out by a drone.

7yo Has a Dance-off with Taylor Swift

After dancing his butt off to “Shake it Off” on ‘The Ellen Show‘, seven year-old Dylan Barnes got backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert, thanks to Ellen Degeneres. Of course, T Swift is one classy lady so she not only hung out with him but filmed a video of their private dance party. I’m no dance expert but I think Dylan won this round.

Finally got to meet Dylan, the 7-year-old who passionately danced to Shake It Off on Ellen— and this happened.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

JoJo Explains Wedding Etiquette

Four year-old JoJo was in the news last week for firmly explaining to her dad why he should not call her a Princess. This week, she’s back and schooling her dad on wedding etiquette. We should all have a JoJo in our lives to make sure we don’t commit any major social faux pas.

5yo asks Pope for help

Pope Francis was in a parade in L.A. when five year-old Sofi Cruz hopped the security barrier to run over to him. Security stopped her (of course), but then Pope Francis beckoned the child to his vehicle, where he gave her a kiss and a blessing. Then he accepted a letter and t-shirt from her. That t-shirt promoted the  ‘Deferred Action for Parental Accountability‘ program, which centers around immigration reform.

Kids are Terrified of New Snapchat Filters

Snapchat released some new spooky filters, which parents proceeded to test out on their poor unsuspecting children. This little girl (amongst many others) was understandably TERRIFIED.

Little Girl Reels in Huge Fish with Barbie Fishing Pole

Avery obviously likes her pink Barbie fishing pole— but didn’t have any luck catching anything until a recent particular fishing trip. Props to Dad who didn’t take over or let his daughter quit, even though it looked like the pink plastic pole was straining under the weight of what turned out to be a 20 inch, 5 pound bass! Way to go, Avery.

Drone Pulls Out Boy’s Front Tooth

Bruno needed to pull out his dangling front tooth. Many parents use the old tooth-tied-to-a-door-knob trick, but Bruno’s uncle suggested something even better. “Let’s pull out the tooth by tying it to a flying drone!” Then Bruno’s mom passed out. At least that’s how I imagine it went down.

The World’s First Ever Drone Tooth Pull – By Paul Borrud from Paul Borrud on Vimeo.

2yo Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle

Two year-old Marty was so excited for his birthday cupcake— until he couldn’t blow out the damn candle and almost set his head on fire with his repeated attempts. Thankfully, Dad came up with a clever way for Marty to extinguish the flame, so he could finally make a wish and eat some cake!

Mommy’s Version of Hallelujah

When Shannon Abbott from UT performed a version of the song “Hallelujah” at a local talent show, she didn’t know it would resonate with moms all over the world. Abbott changed the lyrics to reflect the daily routine of her stay-at-home mom lifestyle. Basically— it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.

In other kid news:

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