Sending your child to school with a lunch can be a labor of love or a pain in the butt depending on your parenting style. Just like what we keep in our diaper bag, the contents of a child’s lunch can reveal a ton about whoever packed it.

In fact, there are few things that say more about a parent than the ever popular “lunchbox note” which can be used to profess love, reinforce expectations, inflict worry, etc, etc.

The possibilities are endless really.

Here are 12 different lunchbox notes from very different parents, plus one more chance to win a $250 Amex gift card from Mini Babybel:

the Classic Mom:


You’re an old-fashioned kind of mom who ate PB&J religiously as a kid and want your kid to follow in your footsteps. Except you traded your apple for Twinkies every day and pray you’ve raised your kid a little smarter.

the Sarcastic Mom:


You’re a love it or leave it kind of mom and refuse to be anybody’s short order cook. That lasagna is not going to waste on your watch. If your kids don’t appreciate their lunch, at least they’ll appreciate your sense of humor.

the Pinterest Mom:


You’re a competitor who will not be defeated in the high-stakes game of packing lunch. When the other parents find out about your hand-carved melon flowers and the cheese cut to look exactly like SpongeBob SquarePants, they’ll know who the lunch master is at this elementary school.

the WannaBe Pinterest Mom:


You’ve been spending a little bit too much time on Pinterest, where everything looks so easy to pull off! Unfortunately, you forgot you don’t possess a creative bone in your body. But what you lack in talent, you make up for in love.

the scholarly Mom:


Every moment is a teaching moment, including time spent in the cafeteria. How else is your little Einstein going to go to an Ivy League if he doesn’t make the most of every second he’s in school?



Yes, we get it, Dad, you’re the cool parent who packs treats in their lunches instead of Mean Mom who makes them eat fruit the rest of the week. We’ll be sure to give you credit at the dentist next time we visit. (Pretty cool monster sandwich though.)

the drill sargent Mom:


Managing the schedules of multiple kids is tricky business and you are not going to show up late for swim practice if it’s the last thing you do. Some people program their schedule in their phone. You’ve got a color coded master calendar hanging in the kitchen. Did I say hanging? I meant— you’ve converted one whole wall into a white board.

the forgetful mom:


There are so many in-school and after school activities, you don’t understand how any parent keeps track. What? The kids were supposed to bring in a show and tell item today? NOBODY TOLD ME! Oh, it was listed on the school website? Oops. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be checking that thing.

the Star Wars Obsessed Mom:


It doesn’t need to be the fourth for you to feel the force. It’s with you all day every day and has been since you were five. You are first in line every time a new movie comes out and your dream is that one day your kids will get as excited about it as you do.

The Overprotective Mom:


You’ve been lurking outside your kid’s classroom since preschool and don’t see any signs of backing down. Once a teacher actually shut the door in your face while you were trying to observe circle time.

The Totally Embarrassing Dad:


You love a good dad joke and make them often. Your kids are the perfect age for them too. They think you are HILARIOUS, even though you’re pretty sure you’ve caught mom rolling her eyes more than once.

the ridiculously busy Mom:


You have things to do and places to be and packing a lunch sometimes falls off your radar. Plus, you suck at it anyway. Your kids love microwave meals— they have them for dinner all the time! Tomorrow, you’re giving them cash. It’s pizza day!

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If that doesn’t say “I love you” sufficiently, you can write it on a note!

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Today, I am giving away one more $250 Amex gift card + a selection of Mini Babybel cheese to pack in your kid’s lunchbox. Just leave a comment below telling me what your kid’s lunchbox says about you!

I’ll pick my favorite response as the winner which will be announced on Monday, October 5th.

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winner update:

Congrats to Katie who says, here’s the same thing again, because you are such a picky eater you will only tolerate three foods”. Also, be glad Dad didn’t pack it this time! Remember the frozen salmon burger next to the applesauce that wasn’t in a separate container?!