I’m always surprised by what pics get the biggest response on @averageparentproblems and the photo up top is no exception. A little boy who loves a frying pan and a spoon currently has over 15k likes, along with 873 comments from parents of kids with similarly odd comfort items.

There is something so…comforting about finding out your kid’s oddities are universal.

FYI, Mazzy used to carry around a plastic tractor shaped like a frog everywhere she went. She called it Henry and said it was “her brother.” And Harlow stole a chopstick from a sushi restaurant recently and it’s been with her ever since. She calls it her “magic wand.”

I asked people on my facebook page to post pics of weird comfort items their kids have become oddly obsessed with and you guys did not disappoint.

Here are 34 adorably unexpected companions:

1) An Empty Bottle Of Tide

2) A Giant Halloween Spider Decoration

3) A Lawn Ornament

“Next time you think your kid is weird, just know that my child has adopted his grandma’s deer lawn ornament and a plastic Halloween rat and they now eat dinner with us every night.”

4) A Skeleton

5) A Pumpkin

6) A Hanger

“My daughter had a plastic hanger with TWO pant/skirt parts on it named “Babysitter”. We would get strange looks on the subway.”

7) Lots of Balls

“My two year old sleeps with basketballs, footballs and baseballs and tends to bring one wherever we go. He has given all of them names and even my four year old knows which one is which.”

8) A Rock ‘n Play Memento

“I had to cut the backing out of my daughters Rock ‘n Play. She wears it on her head everywhere and calls it Pe-yo.”

9) Mom’s Blankie

“This is Liam’s blankie which was also mine when I was a baby. It’s now almost 36 years-old and has more holes than Swiss cheese. The only place it doesn’t go is preschool.”

10) A Big Red Fork

“These all makes me feel better about our son and his big red fork! We hid it from him because we felt like it may be an unhealthy obsession. Now I may just have to give it back!”

11) A Nasal Aspirator

“My daughter carried around a nasal aspirator for a good year! Here she with it on her 1st birthday and also on just a normal day having lunch.”

12) A Measuring Cup

13) A Toy Vacuum

“Little dude loves his toy vacuum. We don’t let him sleep with it or leave the house with it, but it’s the first thing he talks about when he wakes up.”

14) Mom’s Sea Sickness Band

“My son wore my sea sickness band for about two years. He is almost 5 now and still wants it occasionally. The ball was always facing out, so don’t worry.”

15) An Old Camera

“My daughter loved my old digital camera since she was a baby​. She carried it everywhere and used it until it just recently broke, when she was four and a half!”

16) A Dead Weasel

“My 5 year-old granddaughter found an Ermine from my Great Aunt’s mink stole and fell in love with it! She calls it her possum she takes it everywhere. She even tied it to a rope so she could take it for a walk!”

17) Action Chugger from Chuggington

“We were evacuated from our house because there was a fire a few doors down and Action Chugger was the only thing we grabbed when we left, since he can’t go to bed without it.”

18) Ears 

“My 2 year-old son is obsessed with ears, like he always has to rub them, squeeze them and pinch them and he can’t go to sleep unless he has an ear to touch. Any ear will do. If friends of mine pick him up, I almost always get weird looks because he finds ears and ravages them. He’s done this since he was 6 months old… PRAY FOR OUR EARS.”

19) A Toothbrush

20) A Throw Pillow

“That’s a throw pillow, circa 1998, Kmart. From my college dorm room.”

21) A Fly Swatter

22) A Plastic Vulture

“Are you saying carrying a plastic Halloween Vulture named Bulture isn’t normal?”

23) A Colander

“Our son went through a phase of wanting to wear a colander as a hat.”

24) Spaghetti Squash

“Luckily, the spaghetti squash obsession only lasted a week or two. We had to stage an intervention.”

25) A Cat-Themed Book

“My 4 year old carries the Cat Behavior Answer Book with her most places she goes. We don’t even have a cat.”

26) All Snuggled Up with her Broom!

27) Her Bathing Suit

28) A Pool Diving Toy

“A pool diving toy shaped like a squid. We have several. They go everywhere with us.”

29) His Tongs

30) A Turkey Baster

“My son carried around a turkey baster an entire month.”

31) Wooden Tinkertoy

“Our daughter carries around a little yellow wooden stick from a vintage set of Tinkertoys. She calls it Stick. It has been used as a spoon, nighttime lovey, dirt digging apparatus, a bargaining chip, a conductors wand, and her constant companion for over a year. I used to edit it out of pictures but now it’s like Where’s Waldo but with a stick.”

32) A Salt Shaker

33) A Purple Crayon

“For a few weeks when my son was almost two, he wouldn’t leave the house without his purple crayon. It can be difficult to spot in some of the photos, but it’s there. He wouldn’t let it out of his hand. Baths were awful.”

34) Why Choose? 

“She rotates but there are usually at least 3 in rotation and sometimes a whole basket. Gotta go potty? Run around and find 3 friendsso she they can accompany her to the bathroom. Time to leave the house? Find the friends! Need to get something from the kitchen? Grab three friends… and then be completely flabbergasted when you realize you have no hands left to open the fridge.”

Does your kid have an adorably odd companion? Post them to #mykidscomfortitem on Instagram.