Mike is deadset on using golf to fund both Mazzy and Harlow’s college educations so he bought them each a set of golf clubs. Mazzy’s is pink and Harlow’s is plastic.

If you want to learn how to play, just do the exact opposite of whatever it is Harlow is doing in the video below.

FYI, I’ve started uploading a lot of new videos to YouTube and decided I’m not necessarily going to post all of them on my blog. I realized I’m being a little too precious about what video I post and there’s so much footage of my girls I want to remember and I’m never going to look at it again if I don’t put it somewhere besides my very unorganized photo archive.

So. If you’d like to see more videos of Mazzy and Harlow, just being Mazzy and Harlow, you should totally subscribe to my YouTube channel!