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If you’ve ever wondered if my Instagram account (@mommyshorts for those of you still not following) accurately depicts my life, the answer is NO. NO, IT DOES NOT.

My Instagram account features the moments how I’d like to remember them. With my happy children, just pleased to be alive and looking ridiculously adorable at all times.

If my Instagram account looked like my real life, it would contain about five hundred shots in a row of the moments that did not make the cut. Those ugly moments two seconds before and two seconds after the one photo deemed suitable for public viewing. I believe I showed you a series of them when I attempted to take the perfect picture for Mazzy’s first day of kindergarten.

My photos do not include the eye rolls from my husband, the “No more pictures, MOM!” pleas from my kids or me desperately erasing 50 photos so I can fit JUST ONE MORE in my already overloaded camera phone storage space.

It is an ugly job, but someone’s gotta document.

Check out this Bon Jovi parody called “Livin’ on the Share” from “What’s Up Moms”. Huge thanks to these ladies for fighting the good fight and showing everybody else how the magic REALLY happens.


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