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Over on my facebook page, I’ve been providing a little service crowd-sourcing baby names for expecting parents who are having a particularly hard time coming up with their own names.

We’ve named a baby girl Seren (Welsh for star), a baby boy Stellan (Swedish for calm) and a reindeer Sven (Disney for awesome). We also named a boy Archer, which is what I would have forced Mike to call our child if we had a boy. How cute is Archie for a nickname? (Mike didn’t think so and that’s what ruined the name for him, if you must know.)

Baby names are such a hot topic that one couple made a pregnancy announcement parody of “Blank Space” to ponder their choices— the reckless choices (Star), the timeless choices (Kate), the simple choices (Molly), etc. etc. etc.

Have a listen.

I’ll also use this as an opportunity to post the original mom parody of “Blank Space” done by What’s Up Moms about going to Target and Starbucks, since somehow I forgot to post it the first time around.

Not to be confused with the original original which I believe is a song by someone named Taylor Swift.

If you have a baby naming conundrum— please post it in the comments!


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8 responses to “Couple Ponders Baby Names with “Blank Space” Parody”

  1. Liv says:

    OMG first post! Thoes videos were so funny um @MommyShorts Mazzy and Harlow are so cute please reply and no I’m a kid not a mom

  2. Liv says:

    Also that was the first post now 2ND POST WHOOO SHOW MAZZY AND HARLOW THAT. Comment

  3. Riley says:

    Erm Harlow is ugly plus she never smiles

  4. Liv says:


    Stop scowling down


    Your never gonna make it

    This is the end NOT


  5. Liv says:


    Stop scowling down


    Your never gonna make it

    This is the end NOT




    Ok bye

  6. Lori says:

    I need help! Our third boy is due in two weeks and we still can’t decide on a name. Our two boys are named Jacob and Luke. We are at a loss as to what to name the third!

  7. SaRah says:

    I’m having a baby girl in two months and we can’t pick a name. Our older daughter is Eleanor and I tend to like classic names. The only name we both like so far is Isabelle, but I just don’t think I can name my kid something in the top 10 as a Sarah from the 80s. Personally I’d choose Vivienne or Caroline, but my husband has shot both of those down.
    Please help us!!

  8. Brittany says:

    We had the same issue, SaRah, and ended up going with Arabella. Our other girls’ names are Corianna and Clarissa. I also loved Lydia, Arianna, Olivia, Camilla, and the list is on Nameberry lol