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We’ve all heard about the “mom wars”— breast feeding vs. bottle feeding, stay-at-home-moms vs. working moms, co-sleeping vs. sleep training, front-facing vs. rear-facing carseats, strollers vs. baby carriers, etc. etc. etc.

As someone who writes about parenting online daily, I’ve heard them all. Remember that time someone told me I was murdering babies by talking about my success with sleep training? That was a fun day!

For the most part, I have been pretty lucky to have an audience of open-minded non-judgmental readers. I like to think that’s because we are also smart people. But maybe there’s also a changing tide in the way parents judge each other in general?

I like to think that, but then I go on television to talk about my experience pumping at work and someone calls in to say what I’m doing isn’t breastfeeding. OUCH. Or I post a picture on @insta2yearold of an iPad and people lose their minds arguing about screen time.

Apparently, we aren’t there yet.

Similac just came out with an AWESOME video called “The Mother ‘Hood'” which will hopefully put an end to the Mom Wars once and for all. Or at least start the peace talks. You know, for all the debate about bottle feeding vs. breast feeding, most mothers I know (including myself) did a combination of both. What were we fighting about again?

Enjoy. You will laugh at the beginning and cry at the end. It’s pretty incredible.

The Sisterhood of Motherhood (#SisterhoodUnite) is definitely a concept I can get behind. You can follow The Sisterhood of Motherhood on facebook by clicking here.

Well played, Similac.

I’d love to hear your opinions about the video in the comments below!


This post was sponsored by Similac, but honestly— I would have posted this video anyway. Shhh! Don’t tell them!

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