Every year, I do the Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards. This year, my awards were a little delayed because a) there was a very important election going on that diverted our collective attention and b) Instagram turned off “most recent” hashtags to prevent election misinformation from spreading, so I wasn’t able to see anyone who tagged the #mommyshortshalloween hashtag this year.

I tried waiting a couple weeks and Instagram STILL hasn’t turned back on the hashtag. I guess that’s because people are are STILL spreading election misinformation. DAMNIT. The 2020 hits just keep on coming.

So, I’m just going to move forward and award what was submitted through facebook and direct messages. Sorry it took so long, but better late than never, right? Time really seems to be standing still anyway. I mean, besides the fact that we blew right through fall and it’s already Thanksgiving. WTF.

Anyway, without further ado, below are this year’s Halloween costume awards. Some of them will only make sense in 2020. LET’S HOPE.

The Very 2020 Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards:

First to Sell Out During a Pandemic

Most Likely to Social Distance

Best Chance to Combat the Plague

Most Likely to Get a Warm Welcome on Everyone’s Doorstep

Most Likely to Capture the Collective Attention of America While They were All Stuck at Home:

Image from @kcstauffer

The Five Stages of the Coronavirus: Karen, Toilet Paper, Carole Baskin, Murder Hornets and Your Child in a Mask Playing Video Games

Best Use of Masks

Most Likely to Get the Job Done

Most in Need of a Peggy

Still Looking for a Peggy

Found her!

Most Likely to Live at the Rosebud Motel

Best Imposter

Most Likely to Dissent

Most Likely to Have Her Name Mispronounced:

Most Likely to Wait Out the Pandemic by Staying in Bed

Least Likely to Grow Up

Best Tribute to the Original Ghostbusters

Most Likely to Getaway in the Mystery Machine

Most Likely to to Come From Another Planet

Best Crime Fighting Ladybug

Most Cuckoo (Clock and Bird)

Least Likely to Say Beetlejuice Three Times

Best Store Bought Toy Story Costumes

Best Homemade Toy Story Costumes

Best Way to Keep the Kids from Getting Separated

Most Likely to Vote for Pedro

Best Use of a Candy Receptacle

Most Likely to Live on the Moon

Most Likely to Be Called By the Sea

Most Excited for Christmas

Most Likely to Trade His Candy for Honey

Best 90s Throwback

Most Likely to be Chosen In Animal Crossing

Sweetest Child O’ Mine

Most Mythical

Most Likely to Ride Off on a Vacuum

Most Likely to Attack

Slowest Trick or Treater

Most Likely to Steal Your Candy

Least Likely to Join a Fuller House Reunion

Most Likely to Collect Dust on Your Mantle

Most Likely to Murder for Candy

Least Likely to Be Honored by PETA

Best First Couple

Most Likely to Believe in Magic

Most Likely to Catch a Train to Hogwarts

Most Likely to Be Sent to Space

Most Likely to Emerge from the Sewer

Best Coffee Competition

Most Likely to Brag About His Cool New Shoes

Least Likely to Be Allowed in a School Cafeteria

Least Prepared for the Elements

Most Likely to Become a Warrior

Most Likely to Get Raided at Midnight

Most Likely to Get Lost in the Woods

Most Likely to Be Eaten at Meal time

Best Posture

The Nightmare at Sea Award

Scariest Hairstyle

There’s Always One Frozen Family Award

This one gets extra points for the dad kneeling.

Best Use of a Pinata

The Scariest Movie Characters Award

Most Likely to Be Chopped Down

Best Use of an Umbrella

Most Likely to Use the Force

The Fierce Female Award

Best Unibrow

The Tiniest Troll Award

Grumpiest Shark

And finally…

The 2020 Election MVP Award award goes to…

Thank you to everyone for participating!