New Year’s Eve is one of those things that changes drastically after you have kids. Nobody wants to babysit on New Year’s, especially your regular college-age sitter who is in prime partying years.

Even the grandparents seem to have plans. I guess New Year’s Eve picks up again once your kids move out of the house?

The first year we had Mazzy, we did absolutely nothing. After all, she was only a few weeks old at the time. We played my “Parents with a Newborn on New Year’s Eve Drinking Game” in the comforts of our home, which I highly recommend.

The years that followed have been a bit better. We usually go to a friend’s house who invites a few families over, kids included. People put the babies to bed in random rooms and then we all convene in the living room to listen to them cry, wondering which cry belongs to who.

Throughout the night, everyone will slink in and out of rooms, disappearing to tend to their kids and then coming back to try and finish a glass of champagne before you must disappear again. Usually about half the party-goers are actually partying at once. And that’s assuming you would even call this a party. It’s more like a parental gathering to compare bedtime struggles as you take on the ultimate challenge of putting your kids to bed in someone else’s apartment.

Last year was our best New Year’s yet. We went to the same person’s apartment but everyone collectively decided we were not even dealing with bedtime this year. We were just going to let our kids stay up as late as they wanted and watch them slowly lose their shit or pass out on the floor.

It went better than expected with all the older kids all making it until midnight, including Mazzy. Then she passed out on Daddy’s lap and we got to finish off a bottle of champagne before we hightailed it back home.

Let’s not talk about what happened the morning after.

My friends at Little Miss Party know all about how New Year’s Eve works for parents. You don’t go out, YOU STAY IN. That’s why the first thing they developed after their “Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box” is a “Little Miss New Year’s Eve Party in a Box“.

Now you can stay at home or go to a friend’s and it can be just as festive as going out with minimal effort. Just order the box, have it sent directly to your house (or whoever is hosting New Year’s Eve), open it up and unpack.














Happy New Year’s!

The Little Miss Party in a Box comes in Little Miss New Year’s Eve ($45) and Ultimate Little Miss New Year’s Eve ($199)— with all your party essentials like tissue decorations, balloons, shatterproof flutes, glitzy pom pom picks, 2015 sparklers, NYE photo props, confetti poppers, party hats, cocktail coasters and place settings (plates, napkins, forks and striped straws) for up to 12, 24 or 36 people.


Every box comes with an LMP Party Blueprint with suggested set-ups and styling tips to ensure even the party-challenged can put together a stellar looking NYE shindig.

Then you can all sit back, look super sophisticated and drink as much as possible before someone’s kid starts crying.

I’m giving away one Little Miss Party Ultimate New Year’s Eve in a Box on Instagram today. Head on over to @mommyshorts to see all entry details.

UPDATE: Congrats to Erin Parks, who won on Instagram! Please email abby@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.


This post is not sponsored. I just feel lucky I get to bring all the parties my friend Seri has brought into my life over the past few years(even the pretend ones) into my readers’ lives as well.