Eggs cause more than their fair share of messes this time of year. I mean, I love the tradition of dying Easter eggs, but it seems like no matter how many layers of newspaper you put down, somebody always spills four or five flimsy plastic cups of permanent dye all over the kitchen table (and the floor, and everyone’s clothes) while the kids fight over whose turn it is to use that egg-dipper thing.

Then there’s the egg hunts, where your kids’ best clothes are guaranteed to be covered in grass stains and melted chocolate in the space of about three minutes.

But, I assure you, no matter what kind of mess you deal with this Easter, you’ll probably never have a worse egg-related disaster than the mom who filmed the video below. Frankly, she reacts a lot better than I would if I found one of my kids in the kitchen, playfully batting about twenty egg yolks around the linoleum floor.

“Somebody send help. And tacos,” she pleads.

Might as well throw in a holiday mimosa and call it Easter brunch!

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