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Last week I posted a six second Vine of a flying fairy committing suicide by flying into a fire. It was both heartbreaking and hilarious. You can see the unedited video here:

I have since discovered the poor girl above was not the only child to lose her favorite new toy in a childhood-altering fashion. These two girls below lost their flying fairy too.

Except, their fairy’s escape route will require much less future therapy.

I like to imagine the fairy above has joined all her escaped flying fairy friends where they will live up in the clouds feasting on raindrops and snowflakes until Peter Pan comes to take them to Neverland.

That’s a lot more pleasant than eventually running out of battery and careening several thousand feet before you crash land back on earth, don’t you think?

Flying fairies aren’t the only toys with a death wish.

When I posted about the suicidal fairy on facebook, someone was kind enough to share this poor boy’s first and last time playing with his remote control model plane.


I love how he looks after the toy, not quite registering what has happened. *Sniff.*

Then a reader named Kerri chimed in about the horrible fate of Rosie, her family’s Elf on the Shelf, who got injured in a freak accident last Christmas.

“One night I positioned Rosie on the light fixture above the kitchen island. Our daughter didn’t see her in the morning and the day got away from us until night time when my hubs flipped on the light and smelled something burning. Yes, Rosie’s face, which was resting on the light bulb, had caught on fire. Hubby flung Rosie off the light while our daughter screamed that he had ‘killed’ her. This is how I set Rosie up that night:


Good save, Kerri!

After seeing those four stellar examples of good gifts gone wrong, I thought I would do a thorough search for equally horrific toy accidents caught on film.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to spend an evening?

SPOILER ALERT: It is not. After googling things like “barbie head falls off”, “thomas the train crash” and “little girl devastated after American Girl falls out of moving vehicle”, I suddenly realized this was perhaps the worst holiday exercise ever. There are only so many genuine toy loss tears a mom can take before her Christmas/Hanukah spirit is killed forever.

I’m not sure how to end this post, except with this:

Do you have any horror stories of losing precious toys in freak accidents? Either from childhood or with your own kids? DO TELL.