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Deva from My Life Suckers apparently doesn’t sleep, because she is back with yet another mom parody. This parody is poking fun at your least favorite holiday song— “Jingle Bells”. For the record, “White Christmas” is my favorite. Don’t ruin that one, Deva!

The refrain is “The Holidays are Hell” which means you have to sing it pretty fast to fit in the same space as “Jingle Bells”. This sets the tone nicely for the whole video— since the holidays are all about cramming in a lot of decorating, baking, gift giving, traveling, hosting, etc. into a very small time period.

This video is sponsored by which I assume is why the production value is considerably higher than Deva’s usual videos. Also, it looks like she got her hair did.

But no worries— no one upped the value on her voice. It’s still as awful as ever. I say that with love. And we’ve still got her staple shot of singing on or next to the toilet.

Happy Holiday Hell, Deva! And a Happy Holiday Hell to you all as well.