Today is my six year wedding anniversary. Mike's gift to me was that he suddenly acquired the ability to put Harlow to bed (he's been doing it for three weeks now, it's not even a fluke!) and my gift to Mike is that I will spend a minimal amount of time on my post today.

Aren't we romantic?

There's only so many times I can write nice posts about my husband anyway. In case you are keeping track— it's three times a year. For our anniversary, his birthday and Father's Day. This blog has existed for almost three years so that's a shitload of nice things to say about one person. I love him dearly but COME ON. This is the same man who hasn't woken up for a night time feeding EVER. This is the man who is so good at parenting, he thinks he can do it while watching baseball on his iPad.

To be fair, he does a ton of other stuff. Like cooking and grocery shopping and putting up with my blah blah blah, he wants me to hurry up. SO.

If you'd like to read a proper tribute to my marriage, read "My Marriage: Before and After Parenthood". It's one of my favorite posts I've ever written. Plus, I love an excuse to show off my wedding photos.

If you think romance is for suckers and fairy tales, here are 10 wedding anniversary cards which combine minimal sentiment with brutal honesty:











Also, I read an ecard that said something like, "If you think your wedding was the best day of your life, then you've never had two candy bars fall out of a vending machine by accident".

Well, that might be true because I've never had two candy bars fall out of a vending machine by accident (I did have no candy bars fall out of a vending machine after paying for one and wanted to kill myself), so as it stands— my wedding really was the best day of my life.

The kids were a close second, but I'll take the day I was standing in a ballgown in a vineyard over the day I was lying on a table in a hospital gown. 

Happy Anniversary, Mike! 

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