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Two of my favorite internet people, Karen from Baby Sideburns and Elle from What’s Up Moms got together to tell a little story (a true story) about making mom friends.

MORAL: If you see another mom you want to get to know at the playground, talk to her and ask for her number. She won’t think you are creepy or weird or trying to hit on her. She is probably searching for likeminded mom friends too.

I should take a lesson. This morning, I walked into Mazzy’s new kindergarten class and was more intimidated by the parents than Mazzy was by the students. Not that anyone looked particularly scary. Just that it reminded me of the first day of college when I knew absolutely no one and wasn’t quite sure where I fit in yet.

I hope Mazzy and I both make some new friends this year.

In the mean time, I’ve got pretty cool internet mom friends…