I was trying to come up with something funny to write for Thanksgiving, but I think I’m gonna get sappy this year. I said a version of this on my facebook page last week, but it’s important to me, so I’ll repeat it here for those of you who didn’t read it.

I am thankful to everyone who reads and comments on my blog for being smart, funny, non-judgmental people who get a joke. I always hear stuff about mom wars and sanctimommies and I think the media is making stuff up because I rarely ever experience it here.

Everyone is always supportive, open and kind.

A few weeks ago, I started an instagram account called @insta2yearold (which I love and have a ton of fun with), but that account is a very different animal. Probably about 10% of the followers are aware of Mommy Shorts and everybody else found out about it from somewhere else. So far, there have been fights about when you should turn the carseat around, how much screen time is appropriate for a child and whether or not adults on the subway should give up their seats for toddlers.

There cannot be anything more innocuous then a two-year-old’s fake instagram account and yet people are choosing to pick battles there. It’s very eye-opening and makes me realize how lucky I am to have somehow cultivated an audience of good people, who have my back and know we don’t all have to parent the exact same way to get along.

In four years, I only remember you guys fighting twice— once over whether a baby was wearing a wig and once over whether a kid was giving an evil glare or a Zoolander face. Those are the kind of fights I can live with.  

You guys are my support group and my community whether you realize it or not.

I am also thankful my long time readers seem to like my blog redesign because I worked my ass on it all of last year.

I am thankful my girls have the best relationship a mom could imagine.

I am thankful for Grammy, Grandsam, Grandma Toby, Poppy and Nonna who are always willing to help out. I know I complain about the grandparents spoiling the girls, but I also know it comes from a good place.

I am thankful my family found Ruth, our wonderful nanny who has been with us since Mazzy was six months old. I know I don’t mention her a lot, but that does not diminish all she does for us. She is indispensable. We trust her with our kids and that says it all.

I am thankful for my husband who puts up with all my craziness and creativity. But also because he is the one who convinced me to see what I could make Mommy Shorts, if I did it full time.

And lastly, I am thankful Mike’s gamble paid off and I am able to write this blog every day as my real job.

When I began my career in advertising just out of college, I never would have imagined this is what I would be doing now. Probably because mom blogging didn’t exist back then.

But it makes perfect sense for me and I think it is meant to be.

Thank you all for caring about my family and letting me entertain you. It is only because of your support and acceptance that I am able to combine my love for my family, my need to be creative and my career aspirations all in one awesome place.

I feel very lucky.

So I thank you for that.