I debated writing this post, because this is a new development that I suspect will only get better. But just in case this new phase of sisterhood ends abruptly tomorrow, I don't want to forget it.

Mazzy has started narrating Harlow's inner thoughts. 

The premise is this:

Harlow is a baby, therefore she has no idea what is going on.

It works like this:

Harlow, Mazzy and I all get into an elevator. There are three other people inside. Mazzy says, "Harlow's like… who are all these people? I've never seen them before!"

Then everyone laughs. Even the other people in the elevator who can't know what the hell Mazzy is talking about. They don't know Harlow's name. They might think Mazzy is speaking in the third person. Regardless, they laugh. Which makes Mazzy do it again and again and again. 

So far, it has not gotten old. 

It started like this:

I was talking to Harlow as I was getting ready in the morning. Just narrating what I was putting on and why, like you are supposed to do with babies so they are exposed to speech and language. It's something I did a lot with Mazzy when she was a baby and I feel like I haven't done enough with Harlow. Hence, the whole not-talking-yet thing.

Anyway, as Harlow stood in my closet (she loves it in there), I was blabbering on and on about my choice of shoes and whether I should wear pants or a dress when suddenly Mazzy interrupted.

"Harlow's like… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, MOM??? I don't understand what you are saying!"

She had a point.

"Harlow's helping me decide whether I should wear pants or a dress."

Mazzy wasn't buying it.

"Harlow's like… WHAT ARE PANTS, MOM???"

I wish I could make you hear Mazzy's intonation correctly. It's like sarcasm X 5.


It snowed the other day and Mazzy and Harlow were watching in front of the window.

"Harlow's like… what is all this white stuff? Where did it come from???"

We went to the grocery store.

"Harlow's like… where are we? Why is there food everywhere???"

We got into the car.

"Harlow's like… why am I buckled into this seat? Where are we going???"


I'm not sure how this is going to play out, but I suspect, as with most things, Mazzy will find a way to work it to her advantage. For instance, let's imagine, sometime in the future, I give them both a cookie.

Then Mazzy could say:

"Harlow's like… I don't need a cookie. You should give both cookies to Mazzy!"

Or maybe I will find a way to work it to my advantage. For instance, let's say Mazzy is throwing a fit about something ridiculous.

Then I could say:

"Harlow's like… what is Mazzy so worked up about? It's just a television. She can watch it tomorrow!"

It will be like our own little passive aggressive dance.

MAZZY: "Harlow's like… why can't Mazzy just go to bed later? What's the big deal?"

ME: "Harlow's like… why can't Mazzy just listen to Mommy? I'm sure she has really good reasons for everything she does!"

Or perhaps the best scenario of all is if Mazzy and I get into a huge battle of "Harlow's like…" and then Harlow suddently chimes in with her first sentence ever.

"Harlow's like… stop putting words in my mouth!"


That will be the dawn of a whole new era of sisterhood.

Should get interesting.


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