Yesterday, it snowed all day long. It started at about 8AM and didn’t stop until it was dark out. Of course, this means dreams of sledding and snowman making started to firmly plant themselves in Mazzy’s head.

Mike and I had to go to work and Mazzy’s school wasn’t cancelled, so everyone was off the hook. But come this weekend, if the snow decides to stick around, I know “Let’s play outside in the snow!” is the first thing Mazzy will say Saturday morning when she wakes up.

Keep in mind, we live in the city, so playing in the back yard is not an option.

Mike and I are the kind of parents who like to see our daughter have a good time, so we will probably say, “Yay! Let’s to go to the park and make a snowman!”

Which sounds fantastic, but here’s how I imagine it will all go down…

PHASE ONE: “This will be fun!”

The energy is high. The kids are smiling. Everyone is raring to go. Mike is yelling things like, “Everyone get their snow boots on!” in a jovial fashion. Harlow has no idea what’s happening but she’s excited because everyone else is. She might even grab her hat and hand it me as I’m putting on Mazzy’s. “Ha Ha Ha!!!!” We’ll all laugh, “Harlow loves the snow too!”

PHASE TWO: The Setback

Uh-oh. Mazzy’s snowboots are a little small. I guess it was unrealistic of me to think her boots from last winter would still fit. “Why didn’t you buy her new snow boots this year?” Mike will ask. “Why didn’t YOU buy her new snow boots this year?” I’ll retort. “They fit perfect!” Mazzy will insist. Mike and I will shrug at each other. Disaster averted.

PHASE THREE: The Second Setback

Where is Harlow’s mitten? I can find one but not the other. Common sense says they should be together. I’ll rack my brain to think where the other mitten might be. “Here’s Harlow’s mitten!” That’s Mazzy trying to be helpful, holding out a glove that is clearly not the same as the mitten. “Why don’t you just use these gloves?” That’s Mike handing me a second pair of Mazzy’s gloves, which are clearly too big. We’ll look in every drawer, check in every jacket pocket, search the stroller. Finally, once the house is totally destroyed, we’ll find it in a random side pocket of the diaper bag. “Found it! Let’s go!”


PHASE FOUR: The Transporation Conundrum

“How are we going to take Harlow?” Mike will ask me. “Let’s take the stroller.” I’ll respond like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “You can’t roll a stroller through the snow!” Mike will exclaim like I’m the dumbest person ever. We’ll both stand there for what feels like an eternity. “LET’S GO!!!!” Mazzy will scream. “Put Harlow in the carrier,” Mike will suggest. “Then I have to change my jacket.” I’ll take my jacket off, strap Harlow on, put my other jacket on. “Wait. Where’s the fleece carrier cover???” Mike will let out a huge sigh. “Come find me when you are ready to leave,” he’ll mutter as he heads to the bedroom.

PHASE FIVE: The Unexpected Detour

Harlow’s mitten has been found. We are all ready. Jackets on. Gloves fastened. Hats in place. Hoods Up. We’ve even got our smiles back. “Who’s ready to make a snow man???” Mike will shout. “I AM!!!!!!” I will shout back. We’ll all head out the door. Except Mazzy. She’ll stay put. We’ll turn back to look her. “I have to go to the bathroom.” DEAR GOD NOOOOOOOO.

PHASE SIX: Out the Door

We leave the house. Walk down the street. “Look at all the snow!” Mazzy will shout excitedly as she crushes icy patches with her boots. Harlow’s snuggled on my chest in the carrier. Mike’s leading the parade. All is good. We’ll arrive at the park. Ready to build our snowman. Everyone else is sledding. “Did we bring a sled?” Mazzy will asks. “Ummmm….. no?” I’ll say, as if I’m not really sure. “BUT I WANT A SLED!!!!!!”

PHASE SEVEN: And Back to House We Go

We successfully convince Mazzy that snowman making is more fun than sledding. We will buy a sled and go sledding tomorrow. (Total lie.) We’ll hunker down to build the snowman. I’ll unattach Harlow and put her on the ground. Harlow will take one look at all the white stuff surrounding her and start crying. “The snow isn’t really packable snow, ” Mike will say after a few attempts. “I’M COLD!!!” Mazzy will scream. “Hot chocolate at home?” I’ll suggest. “YAY!!!!”

And we’re done.


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