A few days ago, I posted the hilarious graphic below (originally from College Humor) called “If Kids Tweeted about TV Like Adults” on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page.


Then I asked everyone to add tweets from their kids about their favorite shows.

Your responses were so great, I had to share them here. You know, just to show the non-facebook-fans what they are missing. Plus, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own.


Today I learned from @Caillou that if I whine enough, mom will give me anything I want. #tryingitnow

Why is everything a SUPER BIG PROBLEM, Wyatt? #superreaders #whatrescue?

Wish my parents were as absent as #maxandruby, then maybe I could get some shit done. #someonecallchildservices

I don’t know what’s less realistic: the train, the time travel, or the fact that Buddy never ate his Pterandadon family. #DinosaurTrain

Look behind you @Dora! TURN AROUND!!! If your head wasn’t so big, it wouldn’t be blocking the whole lost toy city!!! #moron

Pretty sure my mom is not cool with that! @catinthehat #yourmesongsucks

How are @BubbleGuppies riding hair dryers? They live under the sea! #underwater #fail #electrocution

I think he’s pretty funny, but mom says @MrNoodle has a drinking problem. #toomuchapplejuiceiguess

What’s it going to take? Speech Therapy apparently. #WonderPets #stfuduck

Brobee, you’re the worst. Nobody likes you. #YoGabbaGabbaforLife

@Elmo stop asking Mr. Noodle!!! He doesn’t know!!!

Goddamn it @MrNoodle! get it together man! You wash your hands, not your elbows! You sit on the swing with your butt, not your knees! #sheesh

WTF, where’s the real Marina at? You aint fooling me #freshbeatband 

What the hell? The show’s name is Go DIEGO Go, but Alecia is horning in AGAIN. #bigsisterssuck

It’s right there, Steve. Right.F**KING.THERE. #BluesClues

Really? He got rewarded for bad behavior AGAIN?! #WTFmonkey #CuriousGeorge #SpoilerAlert

If Amber were my sister I’d smack that bitch. #sophiathefirst

TIME TO CHANGE YOUR SHIRT, STEVE! #BluesClues #disgusting

@Dora You been to Abuela’s house hundreds of times already, you should know your way by now. #getittogether

OMG, Candice. Just chill! Your mom is NEVER going to catch Phineas and Ferb. #whythehellisyournecksolong

You’re the map. I get it. YOU ARE THE MAP!!! No need to repeat…..52,000 times!!! #Dora

@ThomasTheTrain Maybe if you just did what Topham Hat asked you to do, you wouldn’t feel terrible every episode!

Why the fuck doesn’t Joe have an email account? #BlueClues #mailtime

Enough with the dancing! You’re embarrassing yourselves! #SidtheScienceKid 

The adults who write this shit are totally tripping. #YoGabbaGabba


If you like this post, check out “Which Kid’s TV Shows are You Destined to Watch”, which bases your preference on children’s television on your illegal drug use. Probably my favorite chart I’ve made.

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