Growing up, I always heard about grandparents spoiling their grandkids. But I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. I had one living set of grandparents and their idea of spoiling me was serving whitefish salad instead of tuna.

When I visited my Grandparents’ house, we played rummy cube and shuffleboard, were served orange juice in glasses that were way too small and lived in fear of the local alligators that supposedly lurked in the man-made waterways running throughout their retirement community.

I was not showered with presents or catered to like I was the Princess of Zamunda. Not even a little.

So, seeing how my mother and mother-in-law behave around my children is a bit of a shock. I don’t think either of them have ever arrived at our house without bearing gifts. Clothes, toys, tickets to see Pinkalicious on a live stage. As if, Mazzy’s every move needs to be rewarded.

Did you pee on the potty? Let me buy you a toy!

Did you poop on the potty? Let me buy you a house!

“Ummm…Mom…we don’t really have room in our apartment for a house”.

Oh, that’s okay! I’ll just put the house in the backyard of my house!

And that’s where we get to “Grammy’s Master Plan”. I found it buried in her sock drawer. I hope you can read her writing.


It’s not enough for my mother to create a safe comfortable environment for her grandchildren, she must create the most fantastic play space of all time. It’s not enough that when we visit Grammy, Mazzy’s got a full backyard to run around. She also needs a plastic pool with a slide on it, a water table, a drawing easel, and this thing…


At Grammy’s house, Mazzy sleeps in a bed with 5000 teddy bears. I’m not exaggerating.


On the few occasions, Mazzy has stayed at Grammy’s house, they have condensed more child-focused activities into one weekend than we have taken her in her entire lifetime. The zoo, the children’s museum, the park, the duck pond, the amusement park, the theater— and that’s just Saturday. Every second is planned to ensure that Mazzy isn’t just okay with staying over Grammy’s, she PREFERS it over her own home.

That’s ok though. Because if Mazzy wants to stay with Grammy, that means Mike and I are able to have the occasional night off.

On Thursday, Mazzy went to Grammy’s for a long weekend and Harlow stayed at home. Mike and I learned that although Mazzy wakes up at 5:30am, Harlow can sleep until 8am! Who knew? The first thing Mazzy always does in the morning is wake Harlow up.

Basically, Mazzy being at Grammy’s house feels like VACATION.

And not just for her, for all of us.

On Saturday morning, I hung out in the kitchen sipping coffee while the rest of the house slept. I was almost BORED. Who knew feeling bored was such a luxury?

So, I guess what I’m saying is— Grammy, you go on with your master plan. It will only enable me to succeed at MY MASTER PLAN.

It’s a plan for Mike and I to go on a week long vacation and leave Grammy with both girls. As long as she lets them eat plenty of ice cream and showers them with gifts, I’m sure they won’t just be fine, they’ll be THRILLED.

Maybe we’ll take two weeks… Make that three!

Grammy, if you’re not careful, we might just leave them at your place permanently.

Uh-oh. Is that your real plan?

God, you’re GOOD.


Do your parents spoil your kids? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?