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Have you seen the video of not quite two-year-old Diogo Mello singing "Don't Let Me Down" by the Beatles? Did you immediately start baby making in the hopes you would somehow birth a child equally as cute and talented?

Well, I've got news for you. It's not going to happen. Diogo Mellos only land on this earth every 500 years during a solar eclipse on a 90 degree day in the middle of winter.

Your child is going to be whiny and off-tune like the rest of them. Instead of singing Beatles songs, he's going to sing "Bingo is my Name-O" and instead of playing the guitar, he's going to bang a fork on a frying pan and you're gonna yell, "STOP MAKING THAT INCESSANT RACKET, DIOGO MELLO!" and he's gonna yell back, "Make a video of me, Mom! Let's get internet famous!" Only you're not going to get internet famous because there will be thousands of other Diogo Mellos banging a fork on a frying pan, uploading that shit to YouTube and waiting in vain for the Today Show is come calling.

So put your clothes back on and go back to watching television.


But watch this super cute video first…