We had two weeks for Spring Break this year, which started with a trip to Mexico and ended with Easter Sunday. There was a lot of matzah eaten in between. I’m going to save our Mexico trip for a separate post. Today I want to talk about the second week of our vacation, which we spent at home in the city.

In addition to going to the top of One World Trade and stuffing our faces with unicorn ice cream, we participated in four separate egg hunts. Not bad for a couple of Jews, who were also busy keeping kosher for Passover.

Speaking of Passover, here’s Harlow and Mazzy looking badass at our seder. Is Harlow flashing a gang sign? A peace sign?

Neither. She’s just saying there are two pieces of broken matzah on her new tattoo. SO EDGY.

Clearly, Passover is a hell of a lot cooler than Easter, which was tailor made for pastel baskets and fancy dresses.

Easter Sunday was also April Fool’s Day this year, and as you might have already seen, I GOT THE KIDS GOOD. What you didn’t see was how Harlow got me back.

“Mom, I made you a card!!!!!”

“Thanks, Harlow!”

“Uhhhhh…..it’s blank.”


Good one, Harlow.

On Easter Sunday, we went out to brunch to celebrate my stepdad and my sister’s birthdays. Let’s just say, keeping kosher became a bit of a challenge. The photo below is the moment when Mazzy decided to throw all her Jewish teachings to the wind and EAT ALL THE EASTER THINGS.

After some serious soul searching, Mazzy decided to recommit herself to the cause and lay off bread/cakes/cookies/cereal/etc. with me for the rest of the week.

Then the very next day, she forgot and ate a bagel.


Watch the rest of how we celebrated Passover and Easter (including the squirrel that bit Harlow’s egg) on VLOG 16!

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