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Google released its Mother's Day commercial yesterday, and like most of Google's commercials, it starts out being all Google product heavy and then suddenly it gets all emotional and by the end, actual tears are welling up in your eyes and you're hating yourself for a) being such a sap and b) being suckered in by yet another Google commercial.

I specifically love that they are using YouTube clips which most of us are already familiar. For example, even before I noticed the title at the top, I knew the mother at :28 was hugging her son right after he told her he was gay. Kudos, Google for that one.


Google's commercial is one of many current ads aimed at moms that make me go all soft and mushy inside and debate whether I really love my children enough to use the correct shampoo (Goddamnit Johnson & Johnson!).

In other sappy commercial news, is it weird that the only thing that makes me weep more than a mom tribute commercial is the new iPhone camera commercial? Yep, actual tears.

I love my phone that much.


Goddamnit, Apple!