As I've been watching the Cake Smash Smack Down unfold, I've noticed one underlying theme. Lots of parents, including myself, thought our babies would be overjoyed when presented with the opportunity of devouring an entire cake for their first birthday. A feat so decadent that even as adults, we would not allow ourselves the pleasure.

But for whatever reason (fear of chocolate, hatred of icing, cracking under the pressure of Momma's fancy cake smash photo shoot), many babies do not enjoy their cake and eat it too.

They cry at the sight of a cupcake, they cringe when they touch frosting, they think butter cream tastes terrible and they will SCREAM if you insist otherwise.

If you are one of those parents with babies who suffer from Cake Smash Defective Disorder, it's okay. I'm here to tell you—YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Plenty of other parents have babies who also did not appreciate the delicious offerring of love they put before them. Let's band together. Form an online support group called PBHC—"Parents of Babies who Hate Cake".

Here are 20 babies whose parents are already in the club…





















All of the babies above are competing in the Cake Smash Smack Down sponsored by Blinkbuggy. I am happy to report, "Most Miserable Smash" will now be a category one of these horrified babies could win to get into the finals.

In fact, I've decided that I am going to separate my favorite smashes into a few different categories— like "Messiest Smash", "Biggest Sugar Coma" and "Best Headplant". I'll be narrowing the babies in each category next week on facebook, by putting them to a vote. So join me there, if you'd like a say.

Ultimately, there will be ten finalists vying for a $250 Amazon gift card and a printed Blinkbuggy album, plus prizes for second and third place.

Blinkbuggy is a site that's turning the traditional baby book on its head by giving you one place to easily curate all your child's memories online— like their first cake smash, OBVIOUSLY. You can fill your account with a mix of photos, quotes, artwork, letters, and milestones, each with its own privacy options. Every time you put something in your account, Blinkbuggy asks who is allowed to see it. So you can keep everything for your eyes only, show everybody everything or share select memories with select people. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.22.55 AM

They've also recently launched a mobile app so you can upload your memories on the go. Printed albums will be available by Valentine's Day. 

To find out more about Blinkbuggy, you can sign up here and the site will take you through a guided tour. If you are already a member, I encourage you to download the Blinkbuggy app to enhance your experience.

Alright. Cake Smash Semi Finals will be happening on the Mommy Shorts facebook page next week.

Good luck to all the babies involved!

Even the miserable ones.


This contest was sponsored by Blinkbuggy but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.