The other day, we were trying to get out the door and Mazzy wanted to take her Boo. That's her blankie, if you're new around here.

Blankie, is actually a generous term. Boo is two old purple t-shirts of mine that I sewed together when Mazzy was a couple of months old to ease the transition from her bassinet to her crib. (I had read that giving a baby something that smells like mom makes it easier for them to sleep on their own.)

CORRECTION: Boo was two old shirts of mine. That is, until the blankie was literally used TO DEATH and I had to buy two NEW purple shirts to try and recreate what was essentially a glorified rag.

Except, Mazzy deemed NEW BOO too small. So, I ended up buying two more purple shirts and sewing them together until we had OLD BOO (the corpse is still in existence although it could completely disintegrate at any time), TINY BOO, and BIG BOO. 

Put them all together and they are PILE OF BOO. Mazzy sleeps with PILE OF BOO every night.


Are you still with me?

Anyway, on this particular day, when Mazzy said she wanted to leave the house with BOO (meaning BIG BOO), Mike and I looked at eachother across the room and wordlessly agreed that BOO was no longer allowed out of the house. 

ME: Mazzy, why don't we leave Boo at home today.


MIKE: Come on, Mazzy. You're a big girl. Big girls don't need to take Boo.


ME: Alright, if you want to take Boo, maybe I won't go.

MAZZY: Fine.

ME: Fine, you won't take Boo?

MAZZY: No. You don't go.

So, basically I learned that if faced with the choice between BOO and her own mother, Mazzy would choose BOO. If the house was burning down and Mazzy had to choose between saving BOO or saving ME, I would die of smoke inhalation.

If Mazzy was to give out one Valentine this coming Thursday, she would not choose me, her father, or any of the three-year-old boys currently knocking down her door, Mazzy would choose BOO.

And who would Harlow choose? The CEILING LIGHT over our dining room table, that's who.

I swear that thing commands more attention from the baby than me, Mike and Mazzy combined.


This month, I am continuing to work with Elizabeth Street (a site that showcases stylish moms from around the world) on their InstaMom contest. They are asking people to upload photos to Instagram with the theme "I LOVE MY ________ ".

Slideshow_std_h_4If you hashtag #esinstamom and tag @elizabethstmom, you'll be entered to win the Ensemble du Chocolat ($135) box of chocolates from Vosges Haut Chocolat.

You can follow Elizabeth Street's live instagram feed here

Obviously, when faced with a February hashtag like "I LOVE MY ___________", most people are going to upload pictures of their significant others and their kids. 

I won't stop you— I am going to do that too.

BUT— since there is no limit to the number of pictures you can post, I say think outside the box. In addition to pictures of your loved ones, post your favorite pair of shoes, your most beloved knick knack or the teddy bear you still have from when you were two.

For instance, I love my shower curtain, my owl lamp, my morning coffee and my bejeweled toad ring.


But if we are going to talk about something I love as much as Mazzy loves Boo and Harlow loves the ceiling light, it can only be one thing.

Something that never leaves my side and even sleeps with me at night. 


Who (or what) might your kid ask to be their Valentine?


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