We all know my feelings on dogs. But that doesn't mean I don't know adorableness when it smacks me in the face. Allow me to introduce Billy, my new canine friend, who is trying desperately to get a look at the newest addition to his family— baby Isabelle.

Now some might view the video below and say— "Awwww Isn't that cute?" But I know the sad truth that lurks underneath the hilarity— Billy has no idea what is about to come next. Namely— owner neglect resulting in deep dark doggie depression.

In a couple of short weeks, Billy will be lucky if Isabelle's parents remember to fill his food dish, let alone summon the energy to reach down and pat his once loved head. In fact, the only way they'll remember Billy's still there is if he starts to act out by pooping and peeing on the floor.

Sorry, Billy— enjoy the attention while it lasts!