Two weeks ago, NickMom published “My Preschooler’s Facebook Wall” (excerpt above) which is the status updates of one fictional preschooler named Jack Jr. Check it out— it’s hilarious.


And, of course, there’s the Honest Toddler, who does this kind of thing brilliantly on Twitter— check out my interview with him last week.

Well, I decided to take things to their next logical step.

On the Mommy Shorts fanpage, I asked everyone to tell me their toddler’s current status update. (Which many of you did, thank you very much.)

Then I took it upon myself to create an ENTIRE TODDLER FACEBOOK NEWS FEED.

I know what you are thinking— I must have locked my kids in the closet because no mother on earth has time to do this shit. You’re right. I’ll let them out now.



Special thanks to Suburban Snapshots who created Jack Jr.’s feed for NickMom and to Amy M, Kara G, Tracy G, Panther L, Mommy Needs a Martini, Kortney A, Jennifer L, Shelley M, Cassie S, and Ninja Mom who contributed some of the status updates above.

If you want to play, join the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. We’re all over 18 there. I think.


What would your kid’s current facebook status update be?


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