Everybody feels differently about the beach. And even the people who love it, love it for different reasons. Some people love relaxing with a book, some people like sharing beers with friends, some people love surfing the waves, some people like showing off their six pack abs in a bikini, etc. etc.

Kids are no different. In fact, when I asked everyone to submit pics for my Baby Beach Bum photo contest sponsored by Blue Lizard sunscreen, there were over 1000 pics of kids who all loved or loathed the beach in their own unique ways.

Here are 54 different kinds of kids you’ll find on the beach this summer. I think you’ll find they match up with the adults you’ll see too.

1) The girl with the enormous hat

big hat, little baby


2) The girls who are just there to socialize



3) The guy who keeps inching closer and closer to your towel

breaking and entering


4) The girl with the ill-fitting bikini

don't you dare put me down


5) The guy who’s dressed way too fancy for the beach

dresses to impress


6) The girl who’s dressed way too fancy for the beach



7) The girl who keeps wiping out in the water

face plant


8) The girl who is not taking any chances

immobile yet safe


9) The guy who uses the beach as an excuse to get naked



10) The prankster who keeps freaking everyone out by yelling “SHARK!”

camera stealer


11) The girl who thinks she’s trying out for Baywatch

baywatch baby


12) The guys who are just there for the snacks

just here for the food babies


13) The girl who brings her urban hipster look to the beach



14) The guy who brings his dirty hipster look to the beach

hot mess


15) The girl who is hanging out with people ten times her age

just one of the adults


16) The girl who is there to show off her yoga moves

yoga baby


17) The guys who are super concerned with losing their contacts in the ocean



19) The rich good-looking guys who invite you on their boat



19) The girls shamelessly checking out everyone that walks by



20) The girl who can’t get over the size of the ocean

titanic pose


22) The guys who think they’re hilarious

the in it together babies


23) The guy who thinks he’s Matthew McConaughney

lifeguard 2


24) The couple that’s lying all over each other

the getting alone babies


25) The girl who just wants to go home

the crying baby


26) The girl who makes you jealous with her perfect beach hair



27) The girl who got cold and borrowed everybody else’s stuff

stole dads glasses


28) The girl who didn’t realize how freezing the water would be this time of year

scared of the ocean baby


29) The boy who keeps throwing sand

sand in the face


29) The boy who keeps eating sand



30) The girl who doesn’t care when she gets sand all up in her suit



31) The girl who is there to relax with a cold one

relaxing with a cold one 2


32) The girl who ate half the snacks when no one was looking

raided the snack bag


33) The girl who is working on her base tan

passed out baby


34) The girl who goes in the water and then can’t find her blanket



35) The guy who pretends he’s a lifeguard

lifeguard 1


36) The girl who wonders why she’s not having as much fun as everybody else

left out baby


37) The girl who can give the boys a run for their money on a surfboard

land only


38) The guy that gets all the ladies

ladies man


39) The guy who spends all day working on his sand castle

king of the castle


40) The girl who goes to the beach to ponder the greater meaning of life

add 11 pondering life


41) The guy who keeps going on and on about what a beautiful day it is


42) The girl who refuses to share her potato chips



43) The guy who hates taking his clothes off in public



44) The girl who demands everyone bury her in the sand



45) The girl who is unhappy with how her bathing suit fits



46) The girl who could sleep through anything



47) The girl who squirts out way too much sunscreen



48) The girl who doesn’t realize she didn’t rub in all her sunscreen



49) The guy who is there to show off his abs



50) The girl who complains the sand is too hot for her feet



51) The kids who regret going in the water

add 3the guys who regret going in the ocean


52) The guy who passes out after drinking one too many



53) The guy who falls down in the sand after one too many

add 6 the guy who had a little too much to drink


54) The girl who doesn’t know when it’s time to pack it in and go home

add 9 the girl who never wants to leave


Regardless of why kids are on the beach (their parents took them there) or how they feel about the beach (some are indifferent), all kids (and adults, mind you) must be properly protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a sunscreen as highly regarded by parents and dermatologists as Blue Lizard.


Blue Lizard was originally created in Australia, which has the strictest sunscreen regulations in the world. It has five varieties (Baby, Sensitive, Face, Sport & Regular), all of which have broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage (SPF 30+) and mineral-based formulas containing Zinc Oxide. Baby and Sensitive are both paraben-free, chemical-free and fragrance-free. Face is oil-free. Sport and Regular are extremely water resistant and will stay on for 240 minutes, even in water.

Most interestingly, Blue Lizard’s patented BPA-free Smart Bottle™ changes color from white to blue (or white to pink for Baby formula) when it is exposed to harmful UV rays, effectively reminding you to put on sunscreen.

Are you ready to hear the two winners of the Blue Lizard Beach Must-haves prize pack pictured below?

11 Baby Beach Bum Must haves

The winners are…

1) The girl who keeps trying to get her crush to notice her

add 10 the girl who cant sit still


2) The girl who can’t wait to show off her new beach bod


Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thanks to Blue Lizard! Please contact abby@mommyshorts.com to claim your prizes.

For 20% off orders of over $35, shop BlueLizard.net using P20SHORTS at checkout. Offer expires 8/31/15.

Might as well stock up for summer!


This post was sponsored by Blue Lizard, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.