dinner dates with toddlers

You know those sequences in movies when a single girl decides she’s ready to meet someone special and then they do a quick montage of dating failures? One guy won’t pick up the check, another guy puts his feet on the table, another shovels food in his mouth until the poor girl gives up, goes home and buys a cat?

A few weeks ago, I filmed that very same dating montage. Except all my dates were kids three and under.

Ever wonder what kids would order in a restaurant without the benefit of parental influence? It’s not healthy. I’ll tell you that much.

Check out my latest video with Go & Grow Mix-ins by Similac:

In a perfect world, toddlers would happily gobble up every vegetable and protein we put in front of them, but despite our best intentions, most kids insist on a steady diet of french fries and pasta. Go & Grow Mix-ins isn’t a replacement for healthy eating, but it will definitely provide added nutrients on the days kids who won’t vary from the bread food group.

Go & Grow is a powder that comes in small to-go packets. They can be stirred into foods like rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, applesauce and pancake batter to give an extra boost of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and DHA (which helps promote brain, eye, and overall growth development.) They are GMO and gluten-free. And kids won’t taste the difference!

Check out Similac.com/toddlermoms for free samples (while supplies last), store locators and more information about how Mix-Ins help your child maintain balanced nutrition.

It’s certainly not going to happen on a date with me!

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This post was sponsored by Similac but all picky eating children are my own.