Way back when I first started Mommy Shorts, I also started a blog called “The Mommy Project”. It was kind of a lifestyle/design blog which was supposed to feature beautiful toys, furnishings, and inspiring stories of moms who, ummm…. designed beautiful toys and furnishings.

Sounds really boring, right?

Yeah, I abandoned it after about a month when I realized writing Mommy Shorts was way more fun. And it’s a good thing, because my beautiful well-designed life is not so beautifully well-designed anymore.

Thanks, Mazzy.

The last photo I posted on “The Mommy Project” was of my bed (see up top). Isn’t it lovely? Here are two more views of my fabulous bedroom.


Notice the lack of toys cluttering the floor. Notice the lack of milk stains on the sheets. Notice that the bed is made and not just in some half-assed way where there are actually pajama bottoms, assorted remotes, stuffed animals and a used tissue lurking underneath the duvet.

Now ask me how often that bed has been made in the past two years since this picture was taken. I’ll give you hint. It’s not made now, nor was it made yesterday,or the day before that. We don’t even do the pseudo half-assed bed-making anymore. What’s the point?

The first thing Mazzy does in the morning is pull our duvet off the bed so she can make a “nest” (she pronounces it “mest”) on the floor in front of the television. Then at some point, she gets into our bed and builds what she calls “pillow houses”— literally ripping the pillows out from under our heads and placing them on top of us. She is not satisfied until we are completely buried. After that, she demands that we build a “pillow house” around her, leaving us with nothing.

By the time we all get up to start our day, the bedroom looks like this:


Notice how the “sweet dreams” on the chalkboard above the bed has been half wiped off. Notice the growing pile of Mike’s clothes on the left. Notice the oversized pregnancy pillow which doesn’t even have a pillowcase. Notice the yellowish nature of the purple sheet that looks like we might have peed on it. (I promise, we did not.)

I’d like to say that we reorganize the pillows and make sure the blanket is back on the bed before we go to work, but I would be lying. We barely do that before we get into bed at night.

I’m actually more embarassed by the state of our bedroom than I am about the state of our living room/toy storage area/stroller parking lot. So today, I will say to you all, I am going to make a resolution.

I am going to start making the bed again.

At least making the bed in the pseudo half-assed variety.

Did I say today? I meant TOMORROW.




So far, I have been more than impressed by your entries to the Early Rider balance bike giveaway sponsored by Piccolini (an adorable toy shop in lower Manhattan).

I asked for ideas for Piccolini’s next window display. Best idea wins the bike and the window actually gets executed.

I’m a little surprised that creativity scared so many people off from entering— so far there are only 22 entries. Or maybe everyone is taking their sweet time so they can come up with a really inspired idea?

You have until September 6th to enter— keep ’em coming!



Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 2.30.39 AM

Periodically, I ask for photo submissions to make a captioned fan photo album. You can see examples of fan photo albums here. Today, I’m looking for pictures of your kids at the beach and the pool. Funny, cute, ridiculously scared of the ocean— whatever you got. I thought it would be the perfect way to close out the summer. Can you believe the summer is almost over??

Submit your photos with your kid’s first name by posting them on the wall of the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage. Or you can email them directly to me at Album will be posted next Friday.

Have a good weekend, with what little summer we have left!

— Mommy Shorts