Remember "Road Trip Bingo"? Well, that was SUCH A BLAST (what with all the complaining and the puking), I thought it was time for another game.

This time I'd like to challenge you to "Airplane Bingo", brought to you by our friends at NickMom

I must warn you— I'm really good at this game. I could probably take the "N" column (stuffed-animal-separation-anxiety, tray shenigans, and incessant staring at the passengers behind us) all before take-off.

Although my biggest problem is always Mazzy trying to escape me at the airport, while I'm lugging all the bags.

Did I ever tell you about the time she crawled out of the stall while I was peeing and ran straight out of the bathroom? I could barely get my pants up before I had to chase after her. Plus, in the interest of saving my daughter from mistakenly boarding a flight to Moscow, I abandoned my carry-on in the john.

If a terrorist ever wanted to tamper with someone's bags at the airport, they should target a mom. That's all I'm saying.

Also, this chart is awesome but it's severely lacking in smart device related squares. "Forgot to charge iPad", "iPad runs out of battery halfway through flight", "Child throws tantrum over not being able to use YouTube", "Chid unhappy with iPad movie selection lovingly downloaded by mother specifically for the trip", etc.— I think I could make an entire Bingo board on the topic.

But this one will do…


It's already been pointed out that this game is missing "iPad runs out of battery mid-flight" and "diaper blowout while baby is on lap".

What else is missing?


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